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Mounting TV to wooden beam

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Hello Everyone.

Slightly odd question and 'Google' isn't being my friend. Has anyone every mounted a tv to a wooden beam.


Our office has an open roof with wooden beams exposed with a lot of windows. It's pretty awesome but has zero wall space to mount two tv's


Above our desks in an ideal location is a wooden beam that I connects two ceiling joists.



Has anyone experience with drilling into a beam to mount TV's onto it.


My initial idea was to find a bracket that wraps around the entire beam or just drill it like we did in our meeting rooms. But that was a brick wall!!


Any help would be appreciated.





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May I suggest looking into the Chief manufacturing line of TV mounting hardware? They have a number of different plates and structural adapters designed to hold a 1 1/2 inch NPT threaded pipe (not sure what the metric equivalent of that is, but Chief sells them too, in a wide variety of lengths) The pipe provides an appropriate height attachment point for a number of their TV brackets. I'm sure they would have something that would match the diameter and height of your exposed beams.
One thought, if you don't want to drill into the beams themselves, would be to find a mounting plate larger than the width of the beam, and have a matching piece of steel cut and drilled to match the one with the pipe insert, and simply sandwich the beam using long bolts.
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Thanks for the reply.


In the end we got some bolts that are awesome for wood and screwed them in. The hold is super strong and the TV's are looking great!

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Yep, I was going to say lag bolts directly into the beam.
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