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Cant decide between ST60 or...

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Hello all. :)


So I've been torn between two TVs, the Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST60 50-Inch and the Samsung UN50EH5300 50-Inch. Plasma vs LED. Both 50 inch. I know the pros and cons and I've seen them both for myself at Best Buy. The ST60 looks amazing and so does the Samsung. I guess what bothers me is that in the show room, the Plasma looks pretty dim. I know that plasma is usually dimmer them LED, but it looked really dim in the showroom. I wanna believe its because its best buy, because the plasma looked good other than that.


I watch movies and I'm a gamer as well, and I guess i'm looking for the best picture as well. (i'm getting the xbox one and I want a good TV for it) I'm not a hardcore twitch gamer so lag won't bother me too much. (Hopefully) I currently have a Sony 32 inch LCD so either one would be an upgrade I think. 


So I guess I'm looking for some opinions or some kind of help with my decision. I'm leaning more towards the ST60 but any insight and help would be greatly appreciated.



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Best Buy is not a good place to judge that sort of thing. The ST60 is PLENTY bright, and the picture is just stunning. Now, I wouldn't go putting it in a room with large windows where sunlight shines on the TV, but I think for most normal viewing environments, you will be extremely happy with the ST60. I personally came from an LCD, but the ST60 blows it away.
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The trouble with evaluating the performance of a television at Best Buy is that the lighting environment in the store is, probably, nothing like your home viewing conditions. Most people don't watch their television primarily under direct fluorescent lighting, so for home viewing you typically don't need (or want) a high brightness level from your television. Additionally, unless you took the time to look through the menu settings on each television, you don't know if the two televisions were configured to similar brightness, contrast, and color temperature levels.

The eye tends to be drawn to a brighter display at first glance, particularly in a retail setting where there are many televisions on display. But, the brightness of the picture has very little to do with the overall quality of the display. The picture characteristics that have the biggest impact on your viewing experience tend to be contrast with darker content (if a movie has a dimly-lit scene, will you be able to see the details?) and motion handing (does the television display motion smoothly, without blurring or other artifacts?). While a bright television may seem impressive at first glance, it is these latter characteristics that tend to determine whether your viewing experience is satisfying over time. Black levels and motion handing happen to be the areas where plasma televisions have consistently excelled relative to their LCD counterparts.

The only time that the brightness of the television becomes a more important consideration is if a significant portion of your viewing takes place under bright lighting conditions. For me, as an example, most of my viewing is at night, perhaps with the exception of football on Sunday afternoons, so absolute brightness of the panel isn't very important; quite the opposite: watching a bright television under dark lighting is fatiguing and doesn't provide the best picture, so my current television isn't set even close to its maximum brightness level. I have an older Hitachi panel, and it actually has "Day" and "Night" modes that allow me to have two different picture setting presents that can be toggled from the remote, recognizing that you probably don't want the brightness on the panel to be turned up as high unless you're watching the set under brighter lighting.

If you do a lot of your movie-watching or gaming in a bright room, then the brightness of the panel may be more important for you, but even then, I'm not sure I would give up the television that has the ultimately superior picture quality under controlled lighting just to get somewhat better performance under bright lighting, when I would likely do my most "critical" viewing under controlled lighting. Put another way, unless bright lighting is my primary viewing condition, I would put up with diminished performance under bright lights in order to get the best possible picture I could have under controlled lighting, when I'll likely care more about how the picture looks. Continuing with my example, I like the picture to look good when I'm watching football and the sun is streaming in the windows, but I don't care as much about how the picture looks for afternoon football games as I do when I'm watching a movie at night. I would want to have the television that performs best when I care about the picture the most.
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You make a lot of good points. I think I'm going for the St60 then. I primarily use my TV in the afternoon and night with the exception of the weekends where I'll use it during the day as well. I was really leaning to the plasma already but now I'm convinced. Thanks again!
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I recall reading that the ST60 is not very good for gamers. Something about input lag. So if you game a lot , you should research that.
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