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Football In The Backyard on a Budget

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Last weekend I decided I wanted to host an outdoor football party. Due to upcoming Christmas season limiting the wife approved budget,and a short window to get every thing I needed I had to make some quick decisions. I thought I might share the experience which was a great success that left all my guests asking for an encore.
Last nights Alabama vs LSU game was the party date and I needed a projector and a screen. I already had some extra audio equipment and my patio has outdoor speakers connected as zone 2 of my home setup.
First thought was the screen and after a trip to local Lowes I had decided to build my own screen, but later in the night I decided I would be better served by a more portable solution. I ended up with a CampChef 144 screen which I think turned out to be a great purchase.
For the projector I went cheap Epson VS220 mainly because of price and the 2700 lumens listed in the spec sheet. Another factor was it had a HDMI input and although not a HD projector it will output a 16:9 format picture. I ended up with an excellent picture using my Cisco 4640HDC cable box connected to a Yamaha RX-V671 AVR via HDMI and a 5.1 speaker set up that came with a Onkyo HTIB setup.
I purchased some $1.50 ea x 25 12" x 12" patio pavers to make a level pad for my equipment stand to sit on. $14.99 4 tier Rubbermaid shelf unit , a pad for my fire pit and one paver for each of my speakers to sit on. I also purchased some 1/2 inch PVC conduit and a back of sod clips for wire management.
We had a great night and for around $700 I now can host some great outdoor events.

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That's what it is all about - friends and fun! You don't have to spend thousands to have nice theater and a great time. One suggestion for you - propane heater(s). They make those cold nights much more bearable and extend your outdoor viewing season.
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iam doing the same picked up a the same size/model screen but i went with a epson 725HD. as for speakers i used some pyle speaker stands to mount my polks and used another pyle stand to sit the projector on. Found it easier to to mount it on the stand with a piece of wood for better image placement that is.

nice sit up
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oops set up not sit up my bad
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JWH92020 Great suggestion as a matter of fact I looked at Lowes while I was picking up some of the needed items and I do foresee one or two in the future. In the meantime I do have the fire pit which did help out on Saturday night as it was around 45 degrees.

Social Swagger thanks for the kind words, I actually was thinking that I would need to return the VS220 for an HD model but after using the SD projector I just can't justify the added $. I projected a HD source and had a great picture. As for the screen I think you'll be very happy. Other than standing the screen up it is a one person job.
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We watched Turbo last night. I upgraded the projector from the Epson vs320 to a Epson ex6220 so better native resolution and a little brighter. Can't wait for a little warmer weather.biggrin.gif
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