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Mount a TV with metal studs

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I want to mount a 50 inch TV using a low profile tilting mount on a wall with metal studs. Are 4 snap toggle bolts through the studs enough to hold it up?


I've read that people put a piece of plywood on the wall. I'm not allowed to do that in my bedroom, my parents won't allow so it's not an option. 

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I'm not sure what good plywood would do, it still has to be attached to the wall. I can only see using plywood if the span between joists is greater than the mount is wide. What's the weight of the TV? Large toggle bolts should be fine, use at least 4 top & bottom across 2 studs and make sure you center them on the stud and keep the butterfly straight so it spreads vertically inside the wall and on the stud.
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The TV weighs  39 pounds (17.7 kg). My snap toggles are 3/16 inch. Are those enough? I saw a video of a guy mounting a TV and he said to use that size. 

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Our installer uses Hilti togglers . Each of these is supposed to hold at least 50lbs.
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^Yea that's what I have. 4 of them in 3/16 size. So I would drill through the metal studs and put the toggles through?

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Another thing. The studs don't evenly fall in a slot on my wall mount so when I drill it on the weight won't evenly be dispersed. Is this a problem? Should I drill in more snap toggles to make it more stable?

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Bender, you are going in the right direction. As for the slot in the mount not aligning with a stud on one side-use a 3/16 toggle bolt there and you will be fine. On your tv pick it up and you will probably find that one side is a bit heavier than the other. Make the heaviest side align with the stud if possible. If that puts it out of wack for your viewing, at 39 lbs. I don't think you would have a problem with the toggles even if they weren't through studs. Always drill through sheetrock even if not on a stud. I have seen people use a screwdriver to punch holes in the walls for the toggles and blow the back side of the sheetrock out, making it weak. Good luck.
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Keep in mind that metal studs are VERY flimsy, the drywall keeps them straight & gives the their firmness. I personally wouldn't be comfortable with NOT mounting both sides to the studs with toggle bolts, you might come home & find your tv half on the floor.
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