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Synology 2014 Product Thread

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Seeing there appears to be no "offcial" Synology thread anywhere on AVS and certainly nothing specific for their 2014 product line, I thought I'd throw a line in the water.

Some links:

The 414: http://www.synology.com/products/product.php?product_name=DS414&lang=us

The 214play:


Now not only am I suffering from a decent case of buyers remorse having just picked up a 412+ four months ago, that is made worse (or better, lol) by the apparent lack of a new four bay model that specializes in transcoding like the 214 play does- with the ability (purportedly, anyway) to pull off MULTIPLE 1080 files, simultaneously. Can't understand this, for the life of me. Seems to me anyone considering this kind of methodology would want/need more than 1-4TBs of redundant space. frown.gif

I don't know if its not being mentioned specifically bars the 414 from such a feat, but you'd think they'd at least mention it on the product page???

I'm on my iphone now, so I'll improve this post later, just thought I'd start it for discussion, now.

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Thanks for starting this thread. I'm starting a project to rip all my DVD's and Blu-Rays and will be setting up a NAS at some point. I'm looking at the 413, but I might wait for the 414.
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^ Yep, I have seen a couple of reviews on the 414- and they both were universally glowing- but it's still unclear to me as to whether it will be a streaming powerhouse like the 214play is purported to be.

Here's one of the takes: http://www.legionhardware.com/articles_pages/synology_diskstation_ds414,1.html

EDIT: never mind, it appears- according to this reviewer anyway- that the 414 will NOT be ideal for streaming/transcoding: http://www.eteknix.com/synology-ds414-4-bay-nas-review/

BUT- as the review states: there appears to be another option that WILL, upcoming. The problems is/may be that I think it's going to be the 714 which will price-out many folks...like ME. frown.gif

EDIT: just spoke to a Synology tech: he's not aware of ANY other model now- or forthcoming- that will offer the on-the-fly-transcoding of the 214play.

We'll see.

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Excuse my ignorance, but I'm somewhat new to this and Synology's marketing has left a lot to be desired in terms of information.


I'm a bit confused on the hardware transcoding feature of the DS214play.  I have multiple televisions attached to Raspberry Pis running XBMC, to which I'd like to stream HD content from an NAS.  The Raspberry Pi can handle pretty much any file format I can throw at it, but the one that's connected to my network wirelessly has trouble with streaming larger files such as 1080p video or even 720p video with DTS audio because of the quality of the connection.  So I'd like to be able to transcode these files while streaming them to that particular device in order to alleviate this.  Is this viable?  Is transcoding limited to codecs/filetypes that aren't supported by the client device at all, or is it flexible enough to let me work around network speeds as well? Is there a better way to go to accomplish this?


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've been scouring the internet for a couple of days without much luck.

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I cannot speak definitively, but if indeed you network is poor or you have poor connectivity I don't know that transcoding at the nas would better the experience...you're still going to need to send a ton of data very quickly over this network (or device(s) that has/have known speed/connectivity/reliability issues.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can affirm or advise to the contrary.

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I have a Roku 2 XS in my bedroom and it can stream via Plex transcoding up to 8Mbps without issue.

Both the 214play and the 714 are supposed to run the Atom CE5335 which support full HD transcoding. Who knows what happened to the 714 though. If I recall correctly it was supposed to be on shelves by now.

The more I look around the more it seems as though the DS714 was canceled all together. I guess if you want an HDMI out on your NAS with an Atom CE5300 you'll have to go with Thecus.
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^ and that's a shame as it's looking more and more like the 214 will be inadequate for serious users/libraries.

I was going over the specs a bit closer and it looks like the max system size is 16TBs...or 11ish in a RAID 5, but wait again; it won't run a RAID 5, even with an expansion unit. So then, RAID 0, 1, with four drives. Ouch.

Again. I simply do not understand the omission of a 4 bay unit when aiming this at this sector in 2014.

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The Asustor-302T seems to have the same Atom CPU and memory of the Synology DS214play except it does have a HDMI output... and can run xbmc locally! The reviews of this device are also very positive.
The software is probably lacking the maturity of Synology at the moment, but will not be far off. With Asus behind it I assume it will be well supported and frequently updated.

I'm in the market for a 2 Bay NAS myself and can't decide between the DS214+ or Play variant. I do want it to stream Video content from the NAS but I definitely don't want it sitting behind my TV and would therefore be streaming over powerline/wireless. Given this, I doubt I would see much benefit with the DS214Play's transcoding capability anyway due to my network. The DS214+ handles transcoding in software but is much better in other areas, particularly in transfer speeds of AES encrypted files./

This review of the DS214play compares it to the DS414 which I think has the same CPU / RAM of the DS214+. It reckons that you would be better off with the DS414 between the two for performance issues and the extra 2 Bay's off course.

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