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I took another look at the SA-1000, it looks like it might be a better choice than the SPA-1000, and on the back of the unit there's a toggle to turn the on/off the subsonic filter, and I was also mistaken about the PEQ, it's 18-150, like it's plate brother.


I had heard about the iNuke, the problem is that I did some research on Behringer and apparently they're not very reliable, whereas, the Dayton audio gets rave reviews when I read about it. I would probably go with two of the Dayton Audios. Since, I do have two LFE pre-outs (7.2 channel).


I wanted to ask, though, would a vented sub-woofer box work, like 7.2 cu. ft., the vent was roughly 12 inches wide by 3 inches tall? I saw one unfinished (no carpet or anything) at a car audio place, I thought I could veneer it or build an exterior box for it out of birch and then stain it. Or, are those boxes not recommended for home audio, I would imagine the tuning frequency is probably a little high, since car audio applications typically rely on cabin gain.

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Behringer doesn't have a great reputation for reliability, true. It gets that rep because some of their products can not stand the rigors of touring. In a home audio setting, which is MUCH less demanding and stressful, I wouldn't worry about it as much.

As far the as the goes, are you saying the port is 12" long and 3" diameter? If so, that is pretty small for a long throw 15" driver. A car audio box might not have the kind of bracing you want for home audio either. I would definitely skip that box. You will want a enclosure to fit whatever driver you select. I would ask for help in the DIY sub forum to figure out the optimum enclosure size. It will change depending on the driver, and also whatever tuning point you want.
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It's a vented box, so it's not the round plastic ports, it's like a slot in the box, the slot's opening is about twelve inches wide and three inches high (meaning the surface area of the opening would be 36 square inches). I think, but I'm not sure, that the depth of the vent (meaning how far it encroaches into the internal space of the box) is about 18~20" since there's a few inches between the inside wall of the vent and the back of the box.


Yeah, I think I might try one of those software design suites I keep reading about (winISD?), if they're not terribly expensive for download and play around with it.


My BD player just sh*t itself, tonight. So, now I have to figure out what to do about getting another one. I didn't even get to use the thing but maybe one full month. I bought it brand new back in September, but didn't set it up until middle of last month. :/

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I am late to the party. I use several Berhinger amp without a problem and think they are a great bargin. The I Nuke DSP has PEQ and other things to help get the best bass. I use them with my 18 in Chase subs which are sealed. These subs are great for music and HT.
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Another update:


So, I didn't get a chance to stop by Hsu Research on my way to SF, due to time constraints (I was trying to get through LA mid-day to avoid traffic during commute hours). As a consequence, I made it to SF in a record 6 hours (in a Prius! I think I broke the land-speed record for hybrid vehicles on the 5 North).


However, I was expecting my Polks to be in when I got back yesterday, they gave me some line about that they can't get them or that Polk doesn't even have any in their warehouse (which is a load, because I can order them from Crutchfield, in-stock). I don't like being lied to or BS'd so I cancelled my order for the TSXs. Now, I'm trying to find some place that has them other than an online retailer, because I can't price-match and I have the return receipt from the retailer, so I need to find someplace that has them on-hand. For being a decent sized city, San Diego sucks for Hi-Fi suppliers. :/


So, now I'm considering a couple different options. I haven't heard them, but people are raving about the Hsu Research surround/center speakers, I could get their "ultimate" 5.2.1 system in Rosenut for $3700. This would have two ULS-15s, the MBM, center channel and four bookshelves. This is way over my budget, but if the speakers are as awesome as everyone is saying they are it might not be a bad deal.


The second option is to DIY it. My constraint here is, to get what I want + the work/supplies I need to get a good finish/veneer on them, I'm out as much as the Hsu's. Also, space, the Waveguides I'm looking at for the LCR channels are huge (the Fusion-8 MTM, and the Fusion 12 Tempest or Alpha 12 Zephyr, while shorter than the TSX550Ts, are like twice as wide). Then I'm looking at a set of Amigas for the rears and the DA RSS18HO + 4.0 cu. ft. box and external SA-1000 amp. The last thing is, would using the Amigas for rears and then having different Fusions for the fronts be much of a difference in "voice" and would it sound weird?


I should probably start another thread.

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