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X Rebirth, increadible looking new game

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Haven't seen a single ad for this game so i thought i'd post this here to give it some support. I guess they've spent 7 years making it. Hoping theres not a huge catch, but if it plays as good as it looks........eek.gif

Should be fixed for perfect 3D by the 3D community since its DirectX 9. That is going to look simply amazing. I think 4k is going to be needed to bring out all the far away details.
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The X-series is one series I'm very much looking forward to playing at 4K in a few years. I've loved X ever since the first game came out because they really are cinematic space epics. No other game has come close to replicating that feel except maybe Homeworld.
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Awesome! I'll most definitely snag that one. Reminds me a little bit of what I'd imagine a post Mass Effect 3 world to look like for awhile. The game seems to be allowing you to play the role of "Shadow Broker" as big or small as you want. When does it release?
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Three more days.
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Here is the official link to this game. http://www.egosoft.com/games/x_rebirth/info_en.php

The more I read & see about this game. The more I like it. It reminds me of several games I really love. The commerce aspects remind me of Fable. It sort of looks like Fable in Space from that standpoint. The combat, energy and universal interaction physics remind me of Mass Effect. Except Egosoft seemed to nail it. The exploration aspects of it reminds me of MYST. So I am really excited about trying it. I haven't tried any earlier version. But if I like it. I will surely circle back. I hope this game provides the excellent experience I'm seeking to bridge me to the next Mass Effect.

Thanks Tory for arousing my interest in this. I had seen X in closeout bins. But never bought it. I'll grab it on my next visit to Micro Center if its still there. Otherwise, I'll download both from Steam.

On a simpler note...How did MS miss not locking up an exclusive port of this entire series for the Xbox One Launch?


Major embarrassment! After pouring through my backlog of games...I discovered that I actually own X3 Reunion. I snagged it in July from Micro Center ($1.99), when I was building my Game PC. Just had not got around to playing it. But Tory's video above has inspired me to give it a run. I'll talk about it on this thread since it is the only one on the Forum about X. But after looking at the videos for X Rebirth on the link, I am intrigued about jumping right to it on Steam. So question for anyone who has played X. Would you play Reunion first? Or circle back to it after playing X Rebirth?
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So what's the verdict on this game...if anyone has played it? I saw it in BB today and thought about buying it. But thought it better to check here first. Can you use the Xbox 360 Controller with it? Or is the controller as difficult to setup as with X3 Reunion?
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I rarely put much stock in metacritic, but this looks BAD, unfortunately, based on current consensus: http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/x-rebirth

Then again, a lot of the negative comments talk about it being released too soon, so give it some time and maybe it will turn itself around.

Trailer has tons of potential. I'd love to play a demo.
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Man I wish they spent money on a better narrator for that video. Dude is extremely cheesy. LOL
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