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Home theatre room colors

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I'm doing the home theatre in my basement which won't be a dedicated theatre, just more of a big screen room aka video games hockey and other sports, that kind of stuff. Wife already told me painting the entires room black is a no go. All my walls are off white with a white/off white carpet. The screen wall will be all black (minus screen). She wants to do like a deep red, I say it's too much. We have 11 foot walls, and the room is about 16x16 or so. I'm looking for pictures of people's theaters for color ideas. I'm thinking like a two tone room. Red/xx? Give me some color ideas!
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Oooh, bordello red, I love it. I'm partial to billiard table green as well. 11' Ceiling height, I wish I had a basement with that sort of space.

You know, I've always wanted to do a fade from flat white on the ceiling in the back of the theatre to black at the front. Sort of a grey-scale chart thing.Sorry, no pictures to offer (I am stuck with a white living room in the current condo).
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Here is my theater - http://www.avsforum.com/g/a/2082359/craig-peers-album/

You can do different shades of grey ( no 50 Shades jokes please ) like we did, with velvet curtains and acoustical panels for color. Whatever you do, use flat paint !!
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I like blue, and before I painted mine, I simply google'd 'blue home theatre' and found a ton of examples I liked to model after. i'm sure the same could be done for red.

one color 'pattern' I really liked for a good mix of performance and aethestics was to do black on the lower half of the wall, your color on the top half, and then black on the ceiling again. I did this with mine, and honestly it just feels like a blue room. you don't really notice the black ceiling, and since everything at eye level is blue, it looks like a blue room with black accents, even though there's more black paint than blue for sure.

but rooms a little small to be able to take good pics in without a wide angle lens, and i'm no photographer, so here's a couple shots of what I came up with:

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Browse this thread for all the color choices known to forum members... smile.gif


I would suggest that you start with your chair colors - as that will be the most restrictive element in the theater. Figure that out, or what your choices will be, and you can go from there. Paint can be made to match anything...

(and deep brown is the correct answer wink.gif )

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I would also suggest staying away from the primary colors. I have had better luck with tending toward the grayish tones of the colors. My screen wall and ceiling is a deep indigo, while the side and back walls are a smoky medium indigo.
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I'm going with a dark blue for mine. Kinda a compromise between wanting a dark color for PQ concerns, but not wanting it to feel like a cave.
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