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Originally Posted by wnielsenbb View Post

About the AD025-RF-X1 Bluetooth situation:
I tried to order one from amazon Germany. No go on shipping. Then I saw one on Ebay for 275. Tempting.

Well, I emailed XPAND themselves. I didn't really dream of getting a response. Well, shockingly, they responded very quickly. I explained the situation. As you may know, Sony sources the RF(Bluetooth) emitters from XPAND for sales in Europe. Well, since the cable doesn't come with the projector here, (I assume Sony is too busy building PS4s to worry about this) The XPAND rep said what they can do is source the cable from Sony for sales here. He said they will have a combo on their site eventually with the Sony overpriced adapter cable and their Emitter. In the mean time he sold me a Emitter directly for $195 (+tax/shipping). I ordered the cable from Sony parts (for a crazy 75 bucks) and it shipped 3 hours later. :O I was surprised a 75 buck 6 inch cable wasn't labeled "Monster", but oh well.

XPAND awesome rep (he said I could post his email) (don't ask me to pronounce his last name):
David Chechelashvili [mailto:david.chechelashvili@xpandcinema.com]

Sony overpriced cable (David verified from Sony that this is the correct cable):

I ordered a pair of the XPAND and Samsung Bluetooth glasses to compare.
I then ordered the projector from Mike at AVScience smile.gif

I wasn't going to post this before testing it, but I hate to see anyone buy those horrible Sony glasses. I know the upfront cost is a bit steep, but the Samsung glasses are 19 bucks and weigh only 23 grams. Plus, clearly Bluetooth is the future. It is sad Optoma is using a different RF method. The XPAND glasses are very stylish and comfortable too. Just waiting on the emitter to show up before testing.

Originally Posted by lvisneau View Post

Can you give us a link to the xpand emitter and whatever cable you used? I am interested in changing from ir also.

The above quoted post has the information you need: a link to the Sony Service page that has the conversion cable ($75) and an email address to order the Xpand adapter directly from Xpand (mine was about $204 with shipping). After that, all you need to do is order the glasses that you want (that are confirmed to work).
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For those of us working on the XPAND RF adapter and looking for the RJ45 to DIN adapter, does this adapter from Markertek look like it might work? It says it's a DMX512 XLR connector so I suspect not, but it looks very close.
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on the thread of 3D. I don't like the glasses it came w/ & 3D on this isn't as good s the Epson. I think the 2D picture is better though. The glasses are heavy & I can see some flickering on this one.

I'm wondering though, I had bought a bunch of panasonic glasses that worked on the epson. HOw do I get those to work on the sony? I liked them, much lighter.
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