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I have a U-Verse gateway that I want to move into a closet which has started this whole ball rolling. I figured that since I'll need to do some rewiring I might as well go all in. My plan is to run Cat6 with at least 2 drops in each location that has a TV or PC and single drops for 2 surveillance cameras that are currently running on wifi. That will be about 12 drops. I'll run them into a closet and attach them to a keystone jack panel and then use patch cords to link to a 16 port unmanaged 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit ethernet switch. I'll use one of the ports in the U-verse gateway to connect to the switch. Since I'm moving the gateway I need to install a new access point to connect the gateway to. The existing access is a cat5e with RJ11 plugs which is what is needed for the back of the gateway. Since I need to run a new line from outside my house at the ATT box on the side of my house can I run Cat6 or do I run cat5e and if Cat6 is better can I use a RJ11 plug on the Cat6? Since the RJ11 is a smaller plug I'm assuming that I only utilize some of the wires in the Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable and if so which ones. I guess that would be the part that has me confused is making the attachments from the side of my house which I think has 4 binding post all the way until it plugs into my gateway. I'm also thinking that I might eliminate the coax that currently attached to each u-verse box at the TV and utilize the Cat6 along with using Cat 6 for my Apple TV units. I'll be getting most if not all of my supplies from Monoprice. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.