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Vt60 vs Samsung Un55b8000xf

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I've had the Samsung for a couple years now with no problems but I play a lot of games on it and the blur is a little annoying sometimes. So my question is...Is the vt-60 really that much better? I would probably be leaning to a 60".

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Absolutely. No blur at all. It is one of the best tv's ever made. You won't regret it at all
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Thanks for the info...Now have you personally seen my t.v. before?
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Its a very nice LED/LCD. Plasma does not suffer from motion problems. The VT60 has like 42ms of input lag which is pretty good. I have been gaming on my 65" on it since it first released with no problems at all. Plasma does not look good in store environments, but once you get it home I believe you will be completely blown away. Plasma has a very natural look to it and the VT60s colors are to die for. I hope to get mine calibrated early next year, after I buy my projector that I want to calibrate as well.

Anyone who has seen my TV is just in awe of it. These are plasma owners and LCD owners who are critical of picture. For the price I have seen the 65" selling for recently, I am tempted to buy another since this is the last hurrah for Panasonic. I love my TV and couldn't be happier paying almost a $1000 more than they are going for today. For $2200 or so, you won't find a better 65" TV. I have no idea what the smaller models are selling for, but bigger is better!
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Yeah I think a 60" would be a nice little improvement...I wonder how much I could sell my Samsung for????
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I would ask in the dedicated thread. I would think not a lot, at least not enough if you could repurpose it in another room. Great bedroom TV!
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Yeah I will ask in another thread and thanks for all the help.
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Post your impressions of it over you get it!
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