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Looking for help with speaker placement

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Hi guys,

building a new house and chatting with the builder today. We are going to wire in my 5.1 system, but not sure how it is going to work with the surrounds. The front's and centre speaker will be easy, but not sure where to put the surrounds as on the left side there is no wall to mount onto. I have attached a picture of the living area plans. I currently have 2 Klipsch RS 42 surrounds. I would love any feedback on the placement as it is also a raked ceiling and not sure how/where I can put in surrounds. I have thought about getting some in ceiling speakers and not using my current Klipsch surrounds. Would this be a good idea? Just looking for some feedback on the situation. Thanks in advance.

P.S. The W05a is a thin rectangular window which sits up high and that is the only wall the TV can go on it seems.

photo-23.JPG 34k .JPG file
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Will there be upper cabinets over the sink? If so you could mount the LS to the back of the cabinets. Even if there were to be no soffit above the cabinets, the wire can be run along the cabinet top.
And place the RS on the opposite wall.
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Unfortunately no cabinets above the sink. I am thinking the only way might be to use a stand, but that is the setup currently in our rental and have had a few close calls with kids and guests bumping into it and sending the speaker crashing on a wood floor might not be too nice.
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