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Good 3D Youtube Channels ?

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Anyone know any good quality youtube channels with 3D content ?

I stumbled accross fashion TV's 3D content. It looks like that start publishing it in 2011 but have now stopped because of lack of interest. This isn't a good sign

do a search for 'fashiontv3D' in youtube

You can see their channel has been renamed back to regular fashionTV and there is not much recent 3D content

Anyway any links to good 3D youtube channels would be appreciated wink.gif
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I have quite a few new projects in the works b ut are at least a year out from completion since they require travel to remote locations.

Hope to complete a documentary on Death Valley in January. Then I will begin a tour of the Panama Canal in March. And Monument Valley in April.

In the meantime I have a few short videos coming up that I shot recently at Disney World. It's in my backyard so I visit there several times a year. Just need to get some time to edit them.
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Cheers Don, excellent channel, i've subscribed smile.gif

guys, it is also worth searching for '3D demo'. i've downloaded every manufacturer demo i can find (LG, Samsung, Panasonic, sony etc) and some are breathtaking, LG in particular has great ones
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Peterpack- Just curious, how do you watch YouTube 3D ?
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Originally Posted by Don Landis View Post

Peterpack- Just curious, how do you watch YouTube 3D ?

Hi Don

I use jdownloader to copy the video stream (e.g. 3D 1080p etc) that i want to my HD. I then put it on my HTPC and watch it with powerdvd

I hate watching anything streamed, i prefer to rip stuff smile.gif
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Sounds good. You Tube 3D in SBS mode is awkward for me. For a quick watch, I just use anaglyph here. In the Home theater I have a difficult time and was considering a Roku or Apple TV box. The PS3 I have for Netflix is awkward on YouTube. On my edit computer I have the 3D passive monitor or use the Vizio YT app which is also awkward.

All my own work, I render to an iso file at full Bluray quality and load those onto a hard drive which I play through my OPPO player. I hate dealing with disks smile.gif
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Hi Don

I loved the dancing robots video, excellent 3D ! the robots looked like they were dancing out of the tv

The bellagio was the first hotel i stayed at in Vegas and i had a fountain view room. Nice video, shame there weren't more 3D reference points with the actual water sprays and also it wasn't zoomed in a bit more

The bellagio spring gardens video has great depth, i like that one.

Really nice work though, i haven't yet watched the others yet smile.gif
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I've been using the Bellagio presentations for my 3D experiments with shooting style.

I shot some more fountain video recently with 3D shots from the Eiffel Tower across the street and the Gardens video with the Panasonic Z10K 3 chip camera. Haven't edited those yet.
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I watched the entire Sea World, NASA and Bellagio fountains and enjoyed them greatly. Thanks.
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Glad you enjoyed them. There are quite a few more to view. Some of my work uses extreme wide I.A. camera separation for adding good stereo of large scenic vistas. I find it fun to experiment with the ranges of what can be done in 3D stereography.

Be sure to check out many of the other You Tube works available. There is enough 3D content available for people to watch for well over a year. Some good, some bad. Should never be a time you can't find something new.

My newest favorite is the latest selection of Netflix 3D collection at no extra charges. Some of these were only available at premium prices before. Just watched Legends of Flight and the quality of the Netflix 3D is quite acceptable. I've watched over 30 titles in the past week on Netflix and since they ( Sony PS3) fixed the startup glitch, the experience has been terrific.
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