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To Elite or not to Elite, that is the question?

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Hi all,
I bought a Pioneer SD-64HD5 from a forum member a couple of years ago and it is still working good with no problems. Recently though i have seen the Elites available locally from less than $200 or so and I always wanted one but never seemed to be able to pull the trigger.

My question is,

1.besides a better quality cabinet what will an Elite 730HD give that my SD-64HD5 has not?
2. Does this model come native with dvi or is there one with and one without? I have seen two for sale and one says 730HDI the other just 730HD.

I would have liked a Mits. with 9" guns but for some reason they seem to be harder to locate.

Last note; I have never owned a panel tv. Came close earlier this year with Panasonic 64" at Costco

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24 views and no replies?biggrin.gif
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Grab it I have a Pioneer Elite Pro 710 HD and love it. I bought a HD Fury 3 so now I have 2 HDMI ports for the TV. all my Sat Receivers 3 of them and my DVD Player are hooked up to my Pioneer Elite VSX 30 Stereo Receiver and that is hooked up to a DVDO I scan VP 30 ( so I can fix the over/under scan ) that then is hooked up to the HD Fury 3 on the Pro 710 HD.
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Pioneer Elite PRO-730HD rear-projection CRT TV Specifications

Elite PRO-730HD 64" (diagonal), 16:9, high-definition rear-projection CRT television
CRT: three 7" High Focus CRTs
Peak brightness: 360 footlamberts (white window with protective screen removed)
Horizontal resolution: >1400 lines
Inputs: 4 composite video, 4 S-video, 2 component video (Y-Pr-Pb), 2 DVI/HDCP, 1 HD-15 RGBHV, 2 RF NTSC; all with corresponding audio (L/R); see text for configuration
Outputs: monitor (S-video or composite plus L/R audio)
Dimensions: 597/16" x 561/8" x 2715/16" (WxHxD)
Weight: 305 lbs
Price: $5000

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.
2265 E. 220th Street
Long Beach, CA 90810
tel. (310) 952-2388
fax (310) 952-2943
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I wish I used my pro710 as it was intended. Might have to get one of those hdfurys and take it out of the workout room.
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pman, I assume you meant the SD-643HD5...

I have both an Elite 510 and a 710, and I've rebuilt about 6 of them for other people... They are great TVs. I have also looked over the schematics to some extent.

To be perfectly honest, considering your set is several years newer that the x10s, I would stay with what you have. Particularly if yours has the horizontally mounted power supply board. Yes, there is some additional circuitry in the Elites, but if you have your TV cleaned and calibrated in a way that Mr. Bob would approve of, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Your money would be better spent on an HD Fury or a DVDO VP 30 or Edge if you don't already have one... combine that with a cal and you're set will hang with the Elites and most other sets out there today.

Just my opinion.

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Sorry for the late reply, a sick family member.

I scored a Mitsubishi 65813 that I am quite happy with for now.

sideswiper, I also have a VP 30.

Joe, yes you are correct on the Pioneer model number.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. smile.gif
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