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"Soundstage Issue"

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I have a 100" diagonal screen and am using B&W CM5's and a CMC across the front. I'm using a 200 watt per channel amplifier in a room that's 17' * 21' with a vaulted ceiling. I'm also using 2- HSU ULS-15 subwoofers in the room.

I like the sound of my system when listing to two channel music (using the 2 CM 5's and ULS-15's), but I'm not satisfied with the soundstage (across the front) while watching movies. What should I do…

A. Replace the two CM5's with CM9's or CM10's?
B. Replace the CMC with a CMC2?
C. Both A and B?

I have "in-wall" B&W surrounds in the side and rear walls, so I'd kind of like to stick with the B&W brand.

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None of the above. Soundstage is created in production and is adjusted by speaker placement and room correction and treatment. Changing speaker models won't have any impact on that unless there is a noticeable difference in tweeter dispersion. Another option would be to listen to movies using whichever processor mode you use for listening to music.
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You may try spreading out your fronts more, can you give us an idea of how everything is laid out, dimensions, etc.
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Pictures would be helpful. What issues are you having specifically?
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