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TV mounting issue.

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a mount or workaround for this supposed set up. I want to wall mount a currently 40 inch tv but will upgrade to a 55 or 60 inch eventually. My issue is finding a mount that would allow me to mount under a window but allow the tv to be raised up via some kind of articulating mount to be in from of the window at least partially. Any ideas or is this not possible? Thanks for any help.
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There are a few manual mounts available for mounting a tv over a fireplace and articulating downward (dynamic mounting and mantle mount come to mind). Maybe one of these can be inverted for your particular situation? If the budget allows, there are also motorized mounts that typically get built into a cabinet and raise up at the push of a button
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I'll look into it but I didn't realize they made mounts that can attach to your ceiling instead of your wall so I'm looking into that now. I appreciate your feedback, thanks.
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