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Marantz SR7007 noise with Beolab14

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Hi all,


Could you please help me out with a noise problem on my Bang & Olufsen Beolab 14 paired with Marantz SR7007? I have the Beolab connected to pre-out (as it should be B&O amplifies the speakers on its own, so my Marantz should only pass through using pre-out). Unfortunately, a pretty loud hissing noise remains, I think this has to do with interference between the Beolab and SR7007 that also amplifies. Not using pre-out doesn't help. Changing setup settings also doesn't help, neither does Audyssee.


I'm at the point where I'm thinking about placing a resistance on the wires between the B&O and SR7007 but would like to avoid that. Think the solution lies in shuttingsaskiasa down the Marantz as much as possible to allow the B&O to do its job without interference. Anyone know if certain surround settings could reduce the noise, or anything else that I haven't tried?


Another tricky one is that in stereo mode, the other 3 speakers (5.1. setup) should be dead silent. Although they don't produce sound like the 2 stereo speakers, they do hiss like hell. 


Hope anyone can help me out with this..




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Have you managed to solve that?


Using pre-out you should have perfect sound.

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Thanks for the tip, tried that and just about everything else too. Turns out, the problem came from the Marantz itself. I replaced it, and now it works perfectly.


Never figured a brand new receiver could cause the problem, I guess it's one of those 1 out of a 1000 cases..


All's well that ends well!

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