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What are your thoughts on LGs 60PN5300 vs a Panasonic? Dell has a killer deal on the LG.

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I'm looking for a 60 inch plasma TV for my basement. With the lights off, you can't see your hand if you put your palm right to your nose. smile.gif

I've been reading a lot of reviews on Best Buy and Amazon about LGs 60" plasma. Everybody seems to rave about them, but I can't find anything more professional about it.

Dell has it on sale for $709 with a $100 gift card. Now for every $400 gift card purchase, they give you another $75. So essentially I get $250 in promotional gift cards and that pays for a nice matching soundbar. The difference of the $800 (2 $400 cards) and the $700 TV leaves me with $100 to cover tax or any additional shipping. Seems like a killer deal that's going to be impossible to beat. I just have a hard time biting on the LG for some reason.

No stores around me have it displayed. Target, Sears, Best Buy, PaulsTV - no one. My main TV upstairs is a Panasonic plasma GT50? from a few years ago. It was a no brainer when I saw it in the store, it destroyed all competition. I could go the Panasonic route again, and get an S60 65" or an ST60 60" for the same price, roughly $1500. Main uses are general HD viewing (obviously), blu ray movies and gaming... But it's almost double the price of the LG and no soundbar (I don't want a surround sound mess downstairs).

Normally I wouldn't think twice about the Panasonic, but we've got a wedding and honeymoon to pay for. Every little bit I save helps, on the other hand I don't want to piss away money just because the "deal" is better.
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The LG won't compare to your current Panasonic, particularly when it comes to black level and glare. Here's a review of a similar model. Maybe glare isn't a factor in the basement. Anyway, if you want a cheapish big screen, I don't think the LG is a bad deal. Just don't expect that it'll compete with Panasonic in PQ. BTW, I think you can find these or comparable models at few big retailers like Best Buy. I still might rather have this than many LCDs, though many LCDs would have comparable or better black levels than this model. The other plasma advantages, like viewing angle and motion, would still weigh in its favor.

Call me crazy, but I'm actually curious to see what Panasonic does with LCDs next year. I've heard that they believe they're closing the gap in PQ with plasmas and might not have stopped producing PDPs if that wasn't the case (I doubt that last assertion...but who can say?).

I'm not so sure I wouldn't rather have a cheap 60" LCD than an expensive 55" plasma for certain rooms of the house. I say that now, but I still think I'd find fault with one in terms of uniformity and viewing angle. You can pry my Kuro from my cold, dead hands, though. wink.gif

LG says they're going to continue making plasmas, FWIW, though I guess I haven't heard what Samsung's plans are.

I constantly see these 60" LGs for around $600, so don't worry you missed it if you decide to stand pat for a while.
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I'm thinking about the ST60 just because of the rave reviews. But the input lag is keeping me from pulling the trigger. I play all types of games, but to be honest I rarely play online. I don't want to listen to xxhigh420xx raging and blaming everyone for his deaths. Only game I played online with PS3 was MAG.

I might be inclined to try online with the new systems, but who knows. My hardcore days are over. My newest games are GTA V, The Last of Us, and MLB the Show; and I bought them in the order they were released. So for casual gaming the lag might be over blown.
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I'm sure you bought a TV by now, but try the 60PN5000 at Walmart for $648.  It's the 60PN5300 without the Picture Wizard II function, and has a great picture and no noticeable gaming lag from my viewpoint.  For a budget TV you can't really go wrong, especially with the 4 year warranty for $89.

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