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Elite sc-61

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Hope somebody can help.... I'm guessing this is a simple fix but I'm not technological...
Here's the deal, my sc-61 receives surround sound thru my bd player all front , center and rear speakers show up on the display.... If I switch to my directv receiver I do not get surround only the two front speakers are displayed... I haver direct tv tuned to a channel I know is broadcasting in digital (hbo,discovery etc.)
Any thoughts?
Also I have a apple AirPort Extreme and on my computer is tells me that my receiver is not connected to the internet...however I get pandora,Sirius etc.
help please
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Couple of things to try. Go into the Directtv's menu and look for audio set-up and make sure it is set up to output the dolby digital surround formats. sometimes they could be set to stereo output by default. Also make sure that in the Sc-61 that you have set the surround format choices to Auto so that it will output whatever signal it is receiving.
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and just because it's Dolby Digital doesn't mean it's 5.1. Dolby Digital can also be just stereo and if that's the case, you can use Auto Surround and add Prologic IIx or NeoX to create 5.1 from 2.0 post processing.

if you have the SC-61 set to Direct or Pure Direct, you will only get exactly what's in the source, whether it's 5.1, 7.1 or just stereo.
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