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Is that possible? Pixel to pixel to a 720P TV?

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:mad:I have an old 720P TV, Sceptre X37SV-Komodo which I try to connect to my HTPC with the HDMI cable from a AMD 7750 card. The native resolution for the TV is 1366(1360)X768. But I've failed to make it work. I have no problem when set the output to 720P, 1080P and do the scaling inside the CCC and I can get the full screen. But I just cannot set the display to 1360X768. It will oversacn which means I cannot see the full page of the windows and the underscan/overscan function in CCC is greyed out. Is that I missed something or it is mission impossible? With the HDMI cable connection, I will never able to do that?
I have not problem with the VGA cable for the 1360X768 resolution, but I want the audio too.
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Some TVs just don't accept that resolution through HDMI. Check the manual to see what resolutions it supports through HDMI. Best thing to do is use VGA and a 3.5mm cable for audio. Monoprice has VGA cables with the 3.5mm cable built into the jacket(insulation).
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If the TV has VGA input, it should have a 3.5mm jack for audio as well.

VGA really is your best way to go on those. I have an old 46" 720p (768 rather) Sony LCD in the bedroom, and when I hook a machine to it, its pretty much the only way as well due to the same issues as you. While digital->digital is better technically speaking in the most general terms, the VGA connection will exceed that for video simply due to the resolution conversions. VGA will have no problem with the native 1366x768 resolution, and the computer will have no problem converting video to that res from it's native res. HDMI on the other hand.....even if your underscan/overscan control worked so that you could stretch 720p to fit the screen, or shrink 1080p to fit on the screen, it's still attempting to display that same number of pixels to the unmatched number of your TV....then in addition to that, this is on top of the conversion from the video source to what you have it set to output. End result is not favorable. The computer will do a much better job simply doing one conversion of the video source to 1366x768 then outputting it natively to your screen. In the case of MCE + cablecard tuner if you are using such setup, there are 2 ways around the DCA/HDCP check if you use VGA. 1) you can simply do a registry tweak to bypass that step of the setup, or 2) run the DCA tool via HDMI, then once it's happy, then switch to the vga connection. The DCA tool is a 1 time deal during setup, so once it's done, that's it. Not like you have to keep tricking the machine every reboot or something.
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Thank you guys, seems to retrun the TV back to Costco, since it is the last batch you can still return it for the lifetime. Just kidding, maybe it is time to get a new TV or projector, anyway, this is a 2006 TV.
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Did you try fixing the overscan from the TV menu? My (newer, 1080p p3D) Sceptre works only if I set the Aspect picture setting to "Full 100%", which, unfortunately, it does not retain, so it has to be changed every time I turn the TV or the PC on.
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