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It's been a few years since it has been updated, but this headphone advice thread for gaming in the Xbox area is still currently in use. I can't game anymore hardly without them. It is so convenient to have precise sound and be able to communicate with friends.

It's nice to blast the big speakers every now and then, but with friends my surround sound doesn't work as it plays through any mic I would use. So I just headphones basically.

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Sennheiser HD800 (open)

Denon AH-D7100 (closed)

^ listening to these through Benchmark DAC1HDR makes a big difference

Sennheiser HDR220 (wireless)

also the Philips Fidelio X1 are good phones

I see OPPO has announced a new high end headphone though not shipping yet
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Creative EP-630 earphones

Great sound and excellent in-ear fit for an excellent price ($25 on amazon). And comes in black or white smile.gif

On my second pair in 5 years, first one broke after 4 years of heavy use (left channel stopped working unless you bend the cable at the plug in the "exactly right way").
I will be them again if this new pair breaks in 3-4 years smile.gif
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My favorite would be the LCD3 followed by the HD800 but both need proper amplification to shine. The Shure SRH940 is damn close to the detail monster HD800 and is under $300. Paired with a little FiiO E17 I can add some weight to the low end and am pretty satisfied with the balanced sound for most genres.

My favorite headphone for the money is the Grado PS500, if you want to get your foot tapping this is just a super fun headphone that brings out the energy of almost anything you throw at it (classical excluded).

For movies it is near impossible to be the Denon D5000, they are able to reproduce that HT-like LFE/impact and the overall warm sound sig lends well to dialogue.
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I only have Grado, i-Grado cans at the moment. They are the portable, introductory cans of Grado's line-up, but they make the most of the music stored on your mp3 player.
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I love my V-Moda Crossfade LPs for the type of music I listen to. Tons of bass. While the sound may sound 100% accurate in terms of flat response that's okay with me. I also use Bose IE2's at the gym. Great semi-in-ear headphones that are very comfortable to wear at the gym for long periods of time. I'm not usually a fan of Bose because of their price to value proposition on most of their products which is usually terrible, but these headphones are a game changer in my opinion. Considering their size they sound phenomenal.
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Audio Technica ATH M50 !!!
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Etymotic ER-4PT

Accurate and clean with > 35 dB of noise isolation. You only hear what the recording engineer intended. wink.gif
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Another vote for Grado Sr80i. Anything else I have tried near the $100 - $150 range is dull, lifeless and flat compared to the Grado's.

Event when compared to more expensive Grado's they remain a great choice for the money.
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Sennheiser HD280. Comfortable, good isolation, and good sound.
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I had a chance to listen to the FOCAL Spirit One's and loved them: http://www.focal.com/en/mobile-headphones/298-spirit-one-3544051725002.html
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Audio Technica ATH-M50.  I'm in love with mine, and they get loud while sounding great.  Not a flat headphone but for $100 it's not gonna be.  They're just plain fun to listen to.

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Koss PortaPro Headphones:


I will just repeat my Amazon Review:

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Originally Posted by Jmouse007 View Post

Koss PortaPro Headphones:


I will just repeat my Amazon Review:


What can I say that hasn't already been said by the vast majority of the 1,744 other posts?

PortaPro's: EXCEPTIONAL sound that blows away other "cans" I have bought over the decades from numerous companies costing HUNDREDS of dollars more... check; detailed, crisp clear highs and midrange, solid base and non fatiguing sound... check; very comfortable ... check; FUNKY looking 30 year old design that is still way cool.... check. There is only one thing I would like to add and that is this: KOSS KEEPS THEIR WORD, their customer service is OUTSTANDING and they stand by their Lifetime Warranty!

I take exceptional care of all of my AV equipment and had owned my PortaPro's since 2005 (do the math). I use them all the time and they have worked flawlessly. The only thing I ever had to do was replace the ear pads... easy fix. Well, out of the blue the left channel died. I had registered them as requested by Koss so I went on line, followed the Koss Warranty Repair instructions and sent them back to Koss. This week I received a brand new replacement pair of PortaPro headphones that should last just as long as the last pair did! And contrary to some posts, they sound just as good as my previous pair did.

Most A/V companies "Lifetime Warranty's" aren't worth the paper they are printed on. That is NOT the case with KOSS, they stand by what they sell and that is saying a lot in this day and age. So if you are looking for the last pair of audiophile headphones you will ever need: buy a pair of Koss PortaPro's, Register them online, take care of them and enjoy the ride.
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Probably wont be mentioned but the Sennheiser Amperior is one awesome set of cans for the money. Especially since they can be found under $170 online and as low as $145 for a refurb. That is cheaper than the old HD 25II that they are based of of and they are not only audibly better but also better built. 


The Sennheiser Amperior, not long for this world but are an amazing headphone at any price. 

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Sony MA900
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Monster's Inspiration over-the-ear model, best-sounding headphones I've heard this year. Skip the noise-cancelling version and buy a passive pair, unless you travel a lot. In active mode the sound is a bit to brash and exaggerated.

Highlights include comfort, a compact design, and full-range sound with incredibly tight bass response. At first the price ($249 retail) might seem a bit high, but when I compared them to other models in the same range, it became clear that the Inspiration offers more performance per dollar than many competitors.

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I have listend to a lot of cans at shows, dealers etc. Here are my top picks. Best all around for home or mobile use, PSB M4U 2. Best in ear, Shure Se 535. Best high resolution home cans, HiFi Man HE-500. I currently own all three.
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Originally Posted by zebracatzebra View Post

I listened to several headphones in the big box stores when looking for a pair for casual listening and my favorite were the Sony MDR-V6. Great bang for the buck!

Another Sony V6 lover.

A fun thing is whenever you see anyone working in AV Production ... you see your headphones. For example... the headphones Becca wears in Pitch Perfect when she mixes audio .... Sony V6.

Watch special features, making of documentaries or concerts where headphones are on stage and 8 out of 10 times you will see the V6.

They are a AV Production standard. So,.. they were most likely used to create most of what I use them to listen too.

Roger Waters just did one of the most money making rock tours of all time and when you see him in the studio ... you see the Sony V6.

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Oddly enough, out of the several headphone I own, I really like my Sennheiser HD201s. They're relatively neutral and have a large over ear cushion. As a glasses wearer, I find many on ear phones to be uncomfortable and some over ears also. They press the arm of my glasses too hard against my head.
The cheap Sennheisers, however, don't do this. The cushion gives just enough. The best part of these phones is a good neutral sound for less the $20. In fact, I think the first pair I purchased was less than $10 on Amazon.

I'm seeing a bunch of different categories here...

Please everyone, also discus comfort of the phones you review.
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I have had my Audio-Technica 50s for a few years now and love them. They travel well. I also use them for late night movie watching when I can't fire up the main speakers. They're sturdy enough that I fall asleep in bed with them all the time. There are plenty of higher end offerings but none I would abuse as I have these. I even bought some for my brother one year, which really opened his eyes.
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How about a plug for this great $0.99 app, works on iPhone and google android


Winner of Popular Science 'Best of What's New' Award!

Expertly tailored sound from the smartest music player app in the world. The Audyssey breakthroughs used by luxury car makers, music studios and IMAX Theatres are now tailored for your headphones and available right in your hand. Designed for your local iTunes library, the Audyssey Media player applies Audyssey's professional audio technologies to optimize your music for your headphones. It's the only app that knows your specific headphones, playback device and playback volume making it the smartest music app ever created. Experience deep, rich, expansive sound simply by picking your headphones, playing your music and hearing the difference.

Pick your headphones: Individually calibrated headphone profiles are used to optimize your music. Just choose your model to get started.

Play your music: The iTunes experience you know with added personalization power. Audyssey's patented Tilt control gives you the power to precisely adjust bass and treble to your liking.

Hear the difference: Audyssey brings a decade of the most advanced audio science to your listening experience. Flip the switch and hear what you never knew you were missing.

The Audyssey Media Player will also play songs from iCloud after they are downloaded to your device. If you have older DRM files please note that Apple doesn't allow any audio processing on these files. The app will still play them, but Audyssey's technologies will be disabled.

For streaming music visit our partner Songza, a music streaming service and app that uses the same technology in the Audyssey Media Player.
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For headphones, I've seen these go down to $130 on Black Friday, I got these 1 year ago and use them for airplane travel, mowing the lawn while riding my tractor.
Also pure listening pleasure.
They fit me well, I compared them to the BOSE quite ones and these are just as good for 50% cost.
Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones
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I enjoy many different earphones/headphones and I can tell you that they are very subjective. Here are my favorites:

1. IEM - Sennheiser IE8: I love this earphone for short travel. It is very detailed and has adjustable bass to suit your preference. Very hard to beat. I do not like to listen to them for over three hours straight as I don't like the feel of the IEM after about 3 hours.

2. Active Noise Cancelling - Bose QC15: IMHO simply the best noise cancelling system around. The sound is not as dynamic as the Sennheiser but still very good.

3. All around headphone - Sennheiser Momentum: Even though I do not have these personally right now, after listening to them I can honestly say they may replace my IE8s. They sound just as dynamic, however, the IEM gives you passive noise reduction as the over the ear headphones will not provide as much. Some, but not enough.

4. Good inexpensive open back has to go to the Koss PortaPro. I have loved these for years and they put out a 25 year anniversary edition that was phenomenal.
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IEM-Sennheiser CX 400 II's......regular headphone-Sennheiser HD485.....the 400 II's really put you about as close to the music as any headphone I've listened to in the nearly 30 years i've been listening to high quality headphones
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I agree with mhutchins for IEMs; Etymotic ER-4P all the way (my two pairs are my most most prized possessions--gotta have a backup just in case!--I could not commute in and around NYC without them).

Otherwise, some very good suggestions on here, but I've really been enjoying my Mad Dogs recently.
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Originally Posted by zebracatzebra View Post

I listened to several headphones in the big box stores when looking for a pair for casual listening and my favorite were the Sony MDR-V6. Great bang for the buck!

In total agreement. Bought mine sound unheard based on many positive reviews, and I was not disappointed. Those on a tight budget really needn't look any further. Unless...
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I like my headphones that audiophiles love to diss. My noise cancelling, amplified, ................. Beats By Dre! My only complaint is the sound leakage.

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