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projector mounting options in open concept living room

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Hi everyone, I’ve done a lot of research on AVS over the years and now request advice on my next project.

Lacking a basement or family room, I would like to install a projector and screen into my living room. It’s open concept and I’m not sure where to put the projector. I am looking for a “budget” setup with a 1080p projector + mount <$1500 (less is better).

Here is my living room as it sits now. The pictures only show the living room half of the room, the kitchen and dining room were behind me. I want to rotate the furniture 90 degrees and put a 120” fixed screen on the teal wall. I would move the 58” TV to a corner mount between the window and the teal wall so it can be used during the day (for stay at home wife/mom). The recliner would move to the love seat’s location with a viewing distance of ~14 ft. I can shorten the chain on the light to move it up or replace it with something else.

My main question is whether a ceiling mount would look ridiculous on the cathedral ceiling. I like the value of the W1070 and HD131Xe but my only option for those is ceiling mount. Does anyone have a picture of someone ceiling mounting on a cathedral ceiling?

My other option would be to shelf mount on the opposite wall which is 24 ft, 4 in away. The only budget option I can find that may work is the Panasonic AR100U. Are there any other suggestions for a projector in this scenario?

Here is some other info that may be useful.
-The primary use will be in later evening with some ambient light and Sunday football if possible. I will figure out a way to control the light at night if necessary but I do not want it to be a cave.
-I only care about 2D with no intent on watching 3D
-We watch ~2 hours of TV a night (sitcoms, drama, crime shows) + 1 or 2 movies on the weekend (maybe more if it looks great). It seems few people buy a projector for TV shows but we sure do love them and many of them look good on the plasma.
-no gaming

Is there any other info you need? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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I can't speak for the other projectors you list but the (light cannon) AR100U is intended for rooms like yours, however even this projector can't battle excessive ambient light.

Here is a link to a post in the original AR100U thread where you can see how the projector looks in an open concept apartment.


The Panasonic calculator says you can't do 120" from 24 feet, you will have to move in a bit closer.


However the down size is that you're only going to get 706 lux from that distance and that is running the AR100U at max light output - Dynamic, full power mode which makes the fan(s) annoying loud. So to combat any ambient light you really want to be as close as possible to your planned 120" screen, also remember the smaller the screen the brighter the picture.

There are projector mounts designed for slanted ceilings made by various companies like Peerless and Chief so that part of your room is not unusual.
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Thanks for the feedback Mr.G, you seem to have a lot of experience with the AR100U. The wall-to-wall distance is 24 ft 4 in so I imagine the installed lens to wall distance would be closer to 23' which would work according to that calculator. Also good to know the fan may be annoyingly loud if dynamic mode is required. Definitely sounds like it would be worth trying since I really prefer not to ceiling mount.

I didn't realize people made mounts for slanted ceilings so I'll dig into that and see if any of those manufacturers have pics.
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I would advice against a ceiling mount. Chief, and others, have hinged top plates which you can then use threaded pipe to extend as far down as you need to but it doesn't look very good and it will vibrate a great deal if your house isn't built incredibly solid.

So, I would go with the Epson 8345 or the Panasonic AR100 on the low end, or the Epson 5020/5030 at the upper end.

Get a minimal gain screen to help with the size and distance that you are working with. Around 1.3 gain is typical and should work well.

This isn't really that complex of a setup and I would expect you to have very satisfactory results with a rear shelf/wall mount setup for the projection system.

I would recommend a fixed frame screen vs. a motorized/retractable solution.
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