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Any old B&K AVR 317 owners out there? (the 317 is the software upgraded 307)

My ancient 317 suddenly decided it doesn't want to produce any signal to the speakers or headphone output. The odd exception is if I put the thing in "Direct Mode" then there will be sound from the L/R fronts. But in all other cases, any source, even speaker level test mode, there is nothing. I find it extremely odd that there is nothing in the headphones, unless it's somehow tied directly to the surround processor which is what I'm assuming is shot.

I did a factory reset in hopes it might jigger something, but no change.

Eh, it's about time to replace it with something that supports digital inputs anyway. It had a good 13 year run. smile.gif

(this seems to be the year for old electronics to die. I had two TV's, a Mitsu and Toshiba also call it quits earlier in the year biggrin.gif)
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