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Anyone considering both systems ?

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If so - why ?
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1} exclusives

2} for when and if they break I have one to play

3} I grew up in the nintendo age so it's ingrained into me lol

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I have both systems on order as well; the main reason is that there are exclusives to both companies that I like. While I've never had much use for Nintendo (their IPs do absolutely nothing for me) and so have't bothered with the WiiU, I've consistently purchased both Sony's and MS's respective consoles for years and see no reason not to do so this time around as well.
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Yea, by early next year I'm sure

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I was right up until Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox. Now, I really doubt I'll ever consider buying one again. Maybe if they get a few killer exclusives and the price drops a couple hundred bucks, I would consider it. But for now, it's a worthless piece of plastic to me.
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I am getting both. Like others have said, primarily due to exclusives on both systems that I enjoy. That and I like the ability to choose the best performing multi-platform titles.
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I seriously have no plans to ever buy an Xbox One. I just don't like MS's message this time around. The 360 was my #1 console last gen but it was never for the exclusives. Gears got boring to me after the second game, I never got into Halo like everyone else, and I'm not a racing fan so Forza was not attractive to me either. XBL was what brought me to the 360, but it is not enough to keep me this time. It would take something major to get me to consider XB1, something like getting exclusive rights to the next Red Dead Redemption or GTA and I don't mean just timed exclusive. It's just not a product that interest me at all.
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I really enjoyed the 360 this past generation. But I'm going to TRY and avoid purchasing one this generation.

Some exclusives I really enjoyed were Halo, Alan Wake and Gears. Microsoft started out last generation with some really great timed exclusives like Mass Effect. It appears they're trying to do the same with Titan Fall.

Their reliance and dedication to Kinect really turns me off. I also don't really get the"Snap" features. I have a tablet for that.

Sony won me over at the end of last generation with The Last of Us, Beyond, Gucamele, etc.

It felt like Microsofts Arcade offerings died and they began to bang out terrible to average sequels like Halo and Gears: Judgement.

The one thing that interests me and the thing they just won't get right is their attempt to take over my cable box. They just don't have or won't be able to get enough support from the cable providers to have an adequate solution. If the One could replace my cable box in total I might spring for one just to have a slick interface.

I wish MS luck but I think they're starting off on the wrong foot.
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I had both last generation, but won't pay for online service on two systems. Mass Effect was very important to me, and with it now being on Sony I can stick to the PS4.
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Yes because I am tech whore. Wont be getting xbox until better game line up and I feel more confident they aren't going to reverse on their DRM policies.
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1. I've been a hardcore early adopter for home consoles all my life (bought SNES on launch day back in late August 1991) - I've bought all Playstations and Xbox systems on their launch day, and I'm not about to stop now.

2. Exclusive games - To be totally honest, there really aren't any absolute must have exclusives on either console this Xmas, but that's just my opinion. Still, we all know they will eventually have them. In March both Infamous and Titanfall will come out, and both of those exclusives are must own status.

3. Life is Short - everyday people die from the weirdest things. You just never know how many days on this Earth you have left. Why wait and buy it later when you can get it now and enjoy that launch day smell ?
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Guess I've always been an early adopter. Used to always import units when they would release in Japan first.

Received my PS4 last Friday and my XBox One just shipped!

Yes, I am a pretty rabid technophile.
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I was going to until all the Xbox One announcements, seriously rubbed me the wrong way. I've owned every single console for the last 3 generations too.

Plus stores here are discounting launch Xbox Ones and chucking in free games. I think we'll see a permanent price drop in sort order. Should I decide to get one down the track.
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I have an xbox one pre-ordered at the same Gamestop I picked up my ps4 from but I am seriously considering cancelling it and using the money to upgrade my pc and stick SteamOS on it when it comes out.
The only launch game that even remotely interests me is Dead Rising 3 but the Digital Foundry piece on it last week showed textures that would take seconds at times to load in and a framerate closer to 20 than 30.
The only game in the near future that interests me is Titanfall - and I can get that for pc.
Halo and Forza dont interest me at all. Then again I consider the ps4 not having Halo a plus for it so take that as you will hah!
I used to think the xbox 360 gamepad was the best gamepad I ever played with. Then I played with a ds4. It is as good or better than the 360 pad.
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We'll get an XBone once there's a Dance Central type game for it. Along with Minecraft it's about the only game we play on our 360.
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I suppose I am considering both. I like the idea of the PS4 better, but I tend to like the exclusives of Xbox better. We'll see.
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Once I decided to go with the PS4, I stopped caring about the Xbone but I could see myself buying one when the price goes down for the exclusives and as a media controller.
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I hope you guys don't support the Xbox, they tried to destroy the used games market as i hear it, a necessary resource for poor gamers.
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Good question. Sony got many things right with the 4. The speed of the OS when going from game to UI and back is awesome. The lack of a sub UI in game like the 360 should be explored to really push the 4 over the top in direct comparison to XBL and the One/360. For example setting up a party chat is pretty simple on the 360, on the 4 one has to bounce back to the home screen to set this up. There may be short cuts for friend request and party cuts in game that will be revealed with more time spent on the system, but they are simple and obvious.

The 4's new controller is amazing. The social media ties are great. The games look and play great. All in all a great device. But the one thing I really need and want on pretty much any device connected to my TV, seamless transition between my cable input and my content delivery device. Google TV had this feature and it was nice until I got plugged into iTunes. With all the PS4 got right and where I think MS and Xbox will win with me is the ability to switch between cable TV programming and games or Netflix; preferably utilizing one remote. Since I know it can be done, I'm really looking forward to that feature with the One and would consider this a game changing killer app. I will still game on the 4 much more than I did on the PS3 though.
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I completely hate the used game market. I can't wait for it to die off.

I will own both systems, Xbox first, PS4 next spring. Too many great games for both systems to not own both. One has the better game lineup at launch, well for me anyway.

I know many just can't swing two systems and I understand that. Each is great and I don't think you will run out of games for either. Thankfully $500 isn't too big a deal for me. I have a dangerous and stressful job so I buy myself what I want. Life's too short.
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I am getting both on launch day. For exclusives, plus over the years, I have friends that only play a certain game series on one system or the other so if I want to play with them, I buy it on that system.
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Both because I love video games.
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This is my one major hobby and I am in the financial position to get both and am looking forward to my role as a beta tester...um early adopter.
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Nope, PS4 only. Even if I wanted both, there is only so much time in the day. All the games I care about coming up look like major time investments, Destiny, Planetside, Elder Scrolls online. So rather than try and have everything I decided months ago that one console is about all I can allow. Microsoft's decisions and policies made that choice very easy. Maybe someday if I run out of PS titles but Plus really makes that a hard statement to make too.
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I pre-ordered the PS4 , but will be waiting for an XBOX one ---- price drops and bundles will get me into a MS machine -- for the most part the last year my Xbox has been idle -- the PS3 just kind of won me over with PS+ program -- it's an undeniably awesome deal -- as long as they don't screw that up ... Sony has my business.
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Originally Posted by -Darkstar- View Post

Once I decided to go with the PS4, I stopped caring about the Xbone but I could see myself buying one when the price goes down for the exclusives and as a media controller.

Media Controller - No Windows Media Center Extender killed any chance of me getting the XBOX One.
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No, no interest. In fact if I got an XBox One today and hypothethically wasn't allowed to resell it, I doubt I would even bother unboxing it.

Too many quality games to play on PS3/PS4 as it is, adding another system would just be clutter. And for exclusives, I much prefer the Sony side. Only Alan Wake series would be of interest to me for Xbox.
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I've been console gaming since I was 6...I've pretty much had every home console system except for the Neo Geo, Saturn, and Wii U. I rolled primarily with the 360 this past generation because of xbox live and overall better multi-platform game performance. I played my PS3 for exclusives only...and they were great. The only exclusive I really cared about for the xbox was Gears of War, Halo was cool, but I'm sick of FPSs. The XB1 DRM stuff pissed me off also and the extra $100 didn't help. Deep inside I wanted to like the PS3 more than the 360, but it never happened. This time I think the PS4 is the way to go...I'm loving it so far and will most likely cancel my XB1 pre-order. There's just not enough time in the day for all these games anyway, so 2 systems (360 and PS4 (sold my PS3)) will be more than sufficient for me this go around, plus Sony exclusives are the best.....IMO. Gotta keep the 360 for Dark Souls 2.
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I do have an Xbox One on preorder, but I don't think I will keep it. I never played my 360 that much other then for Minecraft occasionally. I prefer the Sony exclusive titles over the offerings from Microsoft.
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I saw the Xbone today in BB - I have to say VERY VERY unimpressed ....graphics looked meh ...I'm not excited by ANY of their exclusives including 3 of most overblown games ever, Dead Rising (which is garbage ) Halo , or Ryse which is a hack n slash thing you'll grow tired of ...
Titanfall looks good but that's it ...

why would I ever run a continuous camera in my house for MS? or net connection ? borderline insanity - and nobody is replacing their "TV Box" with voice command connect ...won't happen...

I was thinking getting both but no way now....

Before you buy this $700 box make sure you REALLY want it .... I just didn't see the graphical awe I see on the PS4 ....FIFA on PS4 is jaw dropping so is KZ, BF4 , etc ...
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