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Marantz 1604 audio cancelling out

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I have a smart TV samsung and when I watch netflix and want to run the audio thru the receiver i have found that TV audio setting ( on receiver) is what feeds the signal, however the audio fades in and out during program. It cancels out every 20 seconds or so.

I have the HDMI cable in TV plugged into the HDMI ARC and out to receiver. When I choose Blueray , cable/sat , CD player everything works properly with audio . Its only when the TV output tries to produce audio thru the receiver do i get the issue.

Could it be the type of HDMI cable that I have ?
Do I need to hook up the digital audio instead of using the HDMI for audio ?

Any thoughts ... ideas
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HDMI(ARC) doesn't always work the way folks would prefer. You can try power cycling the TV and AVR off for a few minutes, unplug them, then plug back in and power on again. If still no joy, then the optical cable configuration is what is generally recommended to avoid any future HDMI handshake issues not to mention is generally the better option as HDMI(ACR) is often limited to only stereo 2.0 while the optical can pass DD 5.1 (eg. Netflix movies).
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thank you. Ill try the optical audio. Now I have to find a 15 foot cable.

Maybe you can answer another question...

How do i keep the default for Cab/sat on the marantz to always allow the hdmi signal to pass thru whether the receiver is on or not. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt . Since we watch direct tv a majority of the time I would like that to be the default .

The receiver always defaults back to Tv/audio setting , even if I left it on cab/sat when I turned off the TV. When I turn it back on the video and audio works for about 10 seconds then the video shuts off . I have to push cab/sat and evreything comes back on.

Does it have to do with a setting ?
Standby mode ?

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This is a result of you using the HDMI ARC (Anynet+) feature. Turn that OFF on the TV and the AVR should default back to the SAT/CBL source passing through the AVR in Standby mode. smile.gif

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much appreciated
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