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Dark corners normal on my new LED TV?

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I just bought the Vizio E500i-A1, and noticed that the corners are slightly dark. This is especially noticeable when the screen is mostly white. Is this just a normal trait of LED TVs, or do I possibly have a lemon?
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Did you find an answer?  What was the outcome?  I just bought a Vizio E series with the same problem.

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It's a common uniformity issue with LCD displays, nothing you can do about it.
Most LCD screens have some form of it, some will have more others will have less.
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It's an LED though. Does that make a difference?  Thank you for your help.

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jtowery, it is not a "LED" it's an LCD with LED backlight.
The technology of your Vizio is LCD the same as used in any PC monitor or laptop screen.
LED only refers to the backlight type used by the TV, backlight can be either CCFL or LED lamps.

"LED" TVs do not exist this term is incorrect, but shamefully used by manufacturers and sellers inducing people in error... some might even be persuaded into thinking they're talking of OLED already... this is just misinformation and as a result most people don't really know what they are buying when they go for a "LED" TV...
You should do a lot more research before buying a new TV.
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This is the 4th Vizio I've purchased, the 2nd "LED" and the only one with dark corners. I just want to know if this is normal or if I got a bad tv. 


So again, my question is the same of the poster....

"Is this just a normal trait of LED TVs, or do I possibly have a lemon?"


Any other thoughts or experiences?  Thank you kkl10 and to anyone else with an answer.  

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Yes, it's normal.
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Thank you for the previous informative response. I obviously have no idea about tv technology/"LED" and while I still really don't, I feel a little more informed. I'm a brand loyal buyer. I find what I like and stick with it. Sometimes that's not such a great thing, I guess. 

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Thanks for the info. It's not a huge issue, a little annoying on brighter scenes in movies, but not a deal breaker. The black levels on my TV are excellent!
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kkl10, If you get a moment would you mind explaining to me why all of my tv's don't have this issue. I'm trying to fully understand the issue. Thank you. 

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Strange question...
Maybe you are thinking this is really a normal "trait" or "quality" of LCD TVs... it's not.
It's simply a common flaw.

The dark corners on the screen are just one of the undesirable artefacts in LCD displays, just like clouding, or DSE or banding, etc, this technology is normally plagued with.
It's not a "trait" or "quality" of LCD technology, it's simply a flaw that is difficult to avoid due to manufacturing tolerances... that's why it's common, unfortunatelly.
It's very difficult to manufacture perfectly uniform and identical LCD displays because the optical design of this technology is rather complex and archaic.
So some LCD displays will show these issues more than others and this affects all LCDs of all makers in a random way.
This is what I meant with my first reply...
It's a matter of luck whether a customer ends up with an uniform screen or not. The more uniform the better.

The optical design of Plasma and OLED technologies is much more simple and elegant so those don't have so much uniformity issues as LCD.
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