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Get computer to work with 3d projector

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Hey I have a hd131xe and it is awesome! Whenever I plug it into my xbox I head over to display and an option to play 3d shows up in the display screen, but when I move over to my computer it doesnt show up anymore?? I have a home built pc with a hd7850 sapphire graphics card. Was wondering what I needed to do to get the projector to do 3d from my computer, So I can see the 3d options in the display menu. Also on my projector I changed it from vesa3d to dlp link and the vesa looks wayy better quality wise, anyone know why?

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You need something on the computer to output a 3D signal - either a Bluray 3D player (TMT, PowerDVD, etc.), or a game with third party 3D-support software, e.g. DDD.

The DLPlink looks worse probably because you are not comparing while watching through the working glasses, so you also see the DLPlink sync flash that makes the picture brighter with less contrast (not sure if this projector has red flash, which will distort color too). The glasses, when on, filter out the flash, making the picture the same.
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I downloaded PowerDVD and the glasses do something, like they switch on and off but there are still weird colors on the screen and my projector still doesnt show any 3d options in its menu. Is there something I am supposed to do with the powerdvd to make it look like its a bluray player? Is there some software that I need to make my computer look like a bluray player so my projector turns on its 3d functionality?

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If I got the rf link glasses would the projector always recognize 3d?


Also I tried to play tomb raider in 3d, set the sterioscopic 3d on and played the game but my projector still wouldn't show the 3d options in menu

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Glasses don't help for recognizing 3D, but they have to be the right type for the projector in order to filter the 3D image from the screen to your eyes.

See other thread for PDVD settings.

For games, you need to install TriDef software.
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Yea the problem with this is that I had my computers vga connected to my main monitor and the hdmi connected to the projector at the same time

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As far as my Epson 3d PJ is concerned nothing special is required as regards playback from the PC.
an ordinary graphics card a player such as mediaplayer classic home cinema and a connection to the PJ. Then simply select the right 3d options such as sbs etc and away I go.
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