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Having a rebooting issue with my Kdlinks HD720.  It will sometimes load up to the main screen without rebooting and when I select any option on the main like Files Manager so I can access my movies on my network share it reboots.  I tried removing the internal HDD and did a factory reset as instructed by Eric but it still reboots on its own. I am running version 1.2 final but have tried downgrading to ver 1.1 but it did not resolve my problem.


Anybody got any Ideas.  Eric is contacting the engineers as he said its a strange one.:(

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I don't know if this will help but I had a movie every time I clicked it to watch it, the unit would reboot, now mine was in a folder, if your using the file manger with auto-play maybe that first file is corrupt as well so try deleting it... hope it helps you and remove sd card and flash drives and see if that will help.. you could have something in the root of them that could be conflicting with the unit when scanning

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Originally Posted by johnBlanker View Post

These devices are the furthest thing from "set and forget". There will always be issues, tweaks, random problems you will need support for.

Even the "big boys" stuff stumbles at times. The 400-500-1000X3D [the 3 that I own] Mede8er's all had some kinda stuff that would pop up.
But that stuff's expensive & I pretty much have less patience, the more I pay

Overall, and only speaking of less than a weeks ownership......... dollar for dollar, I know NOT of a more full featured than the HD720
I'm impressed more,with each use, and i've put it thru some fairly gruesome task.

Time will tell if the HD720's solid gold, i'm thinking it just might be.

EDIT: and it passes DTS HD MA [in RAW mode] direct to my Denon AVR-X4000. Many of the cheaper
media type players, have a hard time getting that right. And of course, you're able to select either
5:1 or 7:1 if your equip is looking for those two compression codecs. Fine thing......that master audio
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I'm still happy with my 720. It has it's issues as has been noted but overall it performs very well. I don't use it over a network - just attached to my AVR and HT. It serves to host my media library - much easier than fumbling around with optical discs. I've incorporated MyMovies Collection Management which makes choosing a movie so easy. Once I figured out it's quirks especially around handling forced subtitles I refined my processes in that area and now it performs perfectly. You need to remember it's a Linux based computer designed to host and play media files. And that it does very well. I have everything on it from 3D ISOs, MKVs, BD ISOs, DVD ISOs etc. That's a lot of technology variations and it handles it all. I'd say it's been great value for the money. Nothing's perfect and in reality isn't this whole thing a bit of a hobby anyway? We learn from experimentation what works and what doesn't.
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I Agree and I love my unit I did alot research before I made a decision, but the unit leaves me growing with needs for instance I pay for Netflix my kids love the netFlix and Skype rather then using my laptop now I was trying to subtract some item from my entertainment center I'm left using two media player because the kdlink lacks some of the basic needs a android version would be more customizable and can grow with me and my family.
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Hi There and thanks for the response.  I may have resolved my rebooting issue. I downloaded the version 1.2 final firmware and unzipped it onto a new USB flash drive and installed it on the unit. It has been operating very well and is quite stable.  I think the USB drive I was using before had some bad memory on it and corrupted the system :D

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Yeah better apps would be nice. I considered the kdlinks a no frills player. Did one thing and did it well. Until recently. I have tried the NAS feature. Gotta tell you, its works pretty good. Great for backing up files from multiple clients. Ftp works pretty darn good. Slow transfer speeds but not a bummer unless u are transferring huge chunks of data.
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Has there been any new information about the A200 released?   I purchased the HD720 then found this thread.  I quickly cancelled then ordered the A200 but the delivery date covers a time frame that I will be away so I cancelled that order.  I can't find nothing about the device other than the amazon order link (that has no specs) and this thread.  The HD720 looks like a no brainer but I am so deep in the Android ecosystem I hope it's worth the wait.

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~~A200 hhd media player replacement for hd720 media player ~~


Specification Hardware


CPU: Rockchip quad core cortex A17  3D GPU Quad-Core Mali-T7 series

OS: Android OS 4.2

Memory: 1GB DDR3

Flash: 4GB NAND

A/V Out HDMI Interface up to 1080p

Composite Audio/Video SPDIF Coaxial (Digital Audio) SPDIF Optical TOSLink (Digital Audio)

Other Ports USB 2.0 Host x 3 USB 3.0 x 1 Internal SATA (Support 2.5" & 3.5" SATA HDD Hot Swap)

100M/1000M RMII/RGMII Ethernet interface RJ45 Ethernet Internal PCIE 802.11N Wifi

Storage: Supports 3.5" internal HDD up to 4TB, supports SD card up to 64GB USB Flash Drive -/+

Video Format rm,rmvb,mpeg~~BDMV, BD-ISO, MKV, MOV, WMV, TS, M2TS, MTS, FLV, AVI, DVD-ISO, VOB, M2P, MP4, MPG, DAT, ASF, TP TRP, SWF -/+ 3D Video Side-by-side, Up and Down, Blue-ray 3D -/+

Video Codec MPEG1/2/4,H.264/AVC,MVC,VC1,XVID,DiVX,Readvideo 8/9/10,VP6 Video System PAL/NTSC/720p/1080i 520Hz/1080i 60Hz/1080p 520Hz/1080p 60Hz -/+



File System NTFS,FAT32,EXT3,EXT2

UI Language English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Italian, French, German -/+ Support:  DLNA DTS,Dollby Digital Plus, TUREHD 7.1 passthrough 2D/3D Games 3D Blue-ray

Google browser.HTML5

What's Included: - A200 Player - ir Remote -~~What's Included: - A200 Player - IR Remote -Air Mouse keyboard 110-240V AC Adapter - HDMI Cable - User Manual (-/+) this means that its not totally complete there could be some addition or subtractions to each field.. this is not a official release of the specification's to the A200 the official specification will not be release until late April early May


~~The chipset solution is the latest in 2014, and nobody used it yet. It's much better than the old Rockchip RK3188 chipset solution, esp for the hardware decoding ability. This solution can well support most DVD and BD quality ISO playback, including 3D. so I contacted rockchip to see if the had a chip that exceeded the rk3188 that was recently released that was not used yet well heres the link they sent me http://rk3288.com/

Release date is may


this is the latest

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Oh my that 3288 looks nice.  this should be a great unit if they do everything properly.  Glad to see that the 1000M made it in there since the last post w/ specs only showed 10/100

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Hi members having issue trying to play M2ts out of the stream folders they playback stuttering any clue thanks,? the disc is Sons Of A S2D1 D2 full rip.
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