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MX-136 Noise Problems

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I have an, albeit old MX-136 connected to an MC207 amp.  The components(DVD, Apple TV 2, Sony TV connect to the MX-136 optically and I have used XLR, RCA and the RS232 to connect the amp and preamp.  The only other connection is the remote cord.  The noise problem seems to be a 60Hz hum.  At volume 0 there is nothing, at 1 or more the hum is there, but it cannot be amplified.  I have tried the following: isolating just the amp and preamp on 1 circuit, removing the cable tv at the home input, removing the grounding pins on the AC cords, removing all inputs.  I took the unit to the dealer, and the noise was present.  I took the unit to a buddy's house, still there.  I brought in several test units and hooked them up to the amp...NO NOISE.  I had the unit sent to an authorized McIntosh repair depot, and they did some wizardry which reduced but did not eliminate the noise.  I then contacted McIntosh who sent me a unit that was in their demo room.  Upon hooking that unit up, the noise was still there.  Since I used other preamps with no noise, i have to assume it is in the preamp and not the amp.  Is there anyone out there who can offer up a suggestion on how to fix this.



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Hit there,

I recently purchased the mx-136 from a member on audiogon.com and I am experiencing the same exact issue.

Been pulling my hair out to resolve it with no luck!

Have you figured it out???

Please let know.

I would love to find out if this is curable or I need to return it.

Thanks and kind regards.

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