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Today's Show:
We have been covering the Aereo story for a few months now. Aereo is a service that allows you to watch and record live television from anywhere within you home coverage area via an Internet connected device. What Aereo does is connect you to a dedicated antenna that pulls in OTA TV signals and then sends it to you via the Internet so long as you are physically in your local network coverage area.

We also discuss:
  • DirecTV to expand out-of-home live TV streaming, Android tablet support
  • Video Streaming Continues To Gain Acceptance Among TV Viewers
  • SlingPlayer flings itself to Roku, Windows 8.1 app coming next month
  • The NFL Gives Aereo a Playbook for Spoiling Its TV Money Machine
  • Diller Says 35% of U.S. May Eventually Subscribe to Aereo
  • Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings
  • LG Smart TVs reportedly log user viewing habits regardless of privacy settings
  • Destroying a BEHEMOTH Plasma TV!

and a lot more...

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