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New speaker setup on budget - Jamo S 426 HCS and Dayton SUB-1200??

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I just purchased a home that has a home theater room in it. I'm pretty stoked, other than I'm on a tight budget to get the speaker set up. I bought a Denon AVR1913 (refurb) and am looking at some speakers to complete the set up. The one's I am seriously considering are the Jamo S 426 HCS 5 speaker system along with a Dayton SUB-1200 subwoofer 

I would love some feedback if anyone has experience with any of these items. Thanks in advance!

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People will want to know how big the room is, what your budget is, etc.
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Room is about 10' x 20' and the budget for 5 speakers and a sub would be $300-$400. Will be running a Panasonic projector to a 110" screen. Hope that is helpful. I'm open to all suggestions :).

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The Jamo towers are only 19-20 pounds a piece. That is extremely light for towers. Fluance has a similar package in that price range that *may* be a bit better but I haven't heard themm but the towers are heavier (though still a bit light). Still, I'd rather go for a better set of mains and center and add a sub and surrounds as funds allow or search craigslist for used speakers of higher quality.

My brother has a set of BIC Venturi DV-84. They sounded really good in the limited amount of time that I've heard them. He swears they do not need a sub (I haven't heard bass heavy music on them or watched a movie with them, but they are supposed to reach down to 27hz). They disperse sound extremely well -- I had to look for them to figure out where the sound was coming from. You could pick up a pair of those towers and the DV62 CLR center for about $400. I saw a slightly used pair of DV-64 towers for $150 on my local craigslist (the owner decided to buy the DV-84 and sell the 64s). The DV-64 towers give up a bit in the bass department but are supposed to have better upper mid range.

You could also go with 3 BIC DV-62 CLRs speakers and the sub you linked for a little over $400, then add some cheap bookshelves for surrounds when funds allow. The DV-62 CLRs is rated very highly (a professional review once called it the best sounding center speaker they've ever heard) and would allow for seamless transition between speakers, which is very desirable for home theater. CLR stands for Center, Left, and Right.

I think you'll be better off by going with a little more quality over quantity.
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The Jamo towers are interesting - however, I have bookshelf speakers that
weigh as much as they do. I would also think about 3.1 to start.
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I have the Jamo S426 HCS and bought it for $240 shipped. I was pleased with these speakers but have recently upgraded to the Pioneer Andrew Jones line speakers. A set of 5.0 with the towers cost me $220 shipped. I am way happier with the Pioneers. They just have an overall clearer sound and just don't draw attention to themselves. They also are more stable and you don't have to worry about your kid or animals poking the speakers and damaging them.


No questions asked I would recommend the Pioneer over the Jamo's but wouldn't ever say the Jamo was a bad deal for <$300.


I have heard great things about the Dayton Sub-1200 and would be very interested in trying one myself. Go for it!

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That sounds like a great deal for the Pioneers. Where did you get that deal from? Currently the Jamo's are listed for $199 at Amazon, but hoping for a sale this holiday season to save a few bucks.

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I don't know if the same deal is on but new egg is still having a sale on them.
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I pulled the trigger on the dayton sub1200 subwoofer (Black Friday $10 off at parts-express.com). I will let you know impressions when I get it all hooked up. Still waiting to get the Jamo speakers, but have been looking at the Fluance ones as well...
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+1 the Pioneer 22 series over the Jamo 426 set. Even if you have to start with 3.1. Or, you could get the 22's LCR and the less expensive 21 bookshelves for surrounds.
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I would love to do the pioneers but I think it is a bit out of my price range at $125 for each tower. This would leave me nothing left for a center or surrounds. Unless someone knows a place I could buy the 5.0 set for a bit cheaper.
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Since you've got a sub, for HT listening there really isn't any advantage to towers over decent bookshelf speakers. If that makes a difference when comparing the price increase between the Pioneers and the Jamo. (The Jamo's do have a killer price ...)
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Originally Posted by Brock104 View Post

I'm open to all suggestions smile.gif .

Up your budget would be my suggestion. wink.gif Seriously... what you're looking to do is not compatible with your budget I'm afraid. $400 is around the price point where you start to get good subwoofers, not a full 5.1 system.

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The Jamo towers are interesting - however, I have bookshelf speakers that weigh as much as they do. I would also think about 3.1 to start.


Instead of buying a set of 5 speakers you'll end up being dissatisfied with, it would be better to get fewer total but better quality. That Jamo set uses 3.5" midrange drivers in the center, which is going to produce very thin sounding voices. The Pioneers being suggested are definitely worth exploring.
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Really good suggestions and I appreciate all the feedback. The reason I would like a full setup is because the theater room in the home we bought is all wired for 7.1 and I'd rather get all the speakers now vs leaving some gaping holes in the wall with wires hanging out. But based on the feedback, I will now seriously explore the Pioneer option and present it to my CFO (wife) for an approval for a budget increase. 


So far I have purchased the receiver (Denon 1913 refurbished for $270 from macmall), a pair of Polk Audio T15 to use as surrounds ($50 from Best Buy), and the Dayton sub1200 from parts-express. I would like to get the towers in the front more for the look than the sound because if I got a pair of bookshelf speakers I would also need to buy stands and I'm more interested in the towers. The price and the fact it comes with tower speakers is my main interest in the Jamo setup and it also got some good reviews online. But based on all the feedback I will explore the Pioneer SP-FS52 for the LR front and the Pioneer SP-C22 for the center. I will also compare these to a similar Bic setup because I've also heard good things about them (welcome any thoughts on the Bic's).

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I've already given you my input, but I think Newegg often has a killer deal on Polk Monitor 60 series II speakers. If you can find them when in stock, it may be worth looking in to. I would choose the BICs or the Polks over the Pioneers. The Pioneer speakers are inefficient and the tweeters seem to be a weak spot. Since you have a sub and don't want bookshelves as your left and right, the BIC DV64 would probably be a better bet over the DV84 at this point since you have a sub (the DV64 should have slightly better upper midrange and be cheaper, but won't quite have the bass the DV84s have).

I have the DV64 towers and DV62 CLRs waiting for me, but I can't listen to them until Christmas. I decided on these based on my experience with my brother's DV84s. It was one of those sounds that made me immediately start looking for the source when I entered the room because I had to know what was producing that sweet sound. If you don't want the BICs, wait for the next Newegg deal on the Polks.

It makes absolutely no sense to go super cheap on the speakers as you will want to upgrade them almost immediately.
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