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Home Theater (5.1) Suggestions - ~$1500.00 budget

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My wife and I just started construction on our home "theater" and basement.  The plans are detailed below.  The theater room will be used for TV, movies and sports and will be roughly 17' by 15'.  I've been going through these boards like crazy lately to find reviews on projectors, speakers, seating/construction, etc.


I'd like to stick to about $1500.00 for the speakers and AVR, but we'll concentrate on the speakers in this post.  I've picked out the the following so far:

Edit: spoke to my wife and she does not want to see any speakers so we will need in-wall speakers but preferably builtins.


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For a pure HT setup, and the size of your room, I like: http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/hybrid3pkg.html . You can go with a 5.1 package and add another VTF3 with your budget. (it looks like you had a separate budget for the sub).

An alternative is to go with the 3.1 package and get a good pair of on wall mounted speakers, maybe the klipsch above.
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Thank you for the response, hdnewbie21.


I had to edit my original post due to speaking with my wife last night.  At this point, we are now only looking for speaker suggestions as in-wall or built-in.

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fwiw, looks like its more visual than anything. but in your budget with in wall speakers you are going to give up the reason why so many people want ht systems, the great sound.just my 2 cents
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You're correct, Smasher50.  Another option that I have been reading about this morning would be to build a faux wall and enclose speakers behind the screen.  This should still give me the quality of sound that I'm looking for and also hide the speakers for the visual element my wife is looking for.


They are currently framing, so I need to decide this fairly quickly here.  I'm been going through the dedicated theater build forum for some ideas, but this project just got a little larger...

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A faux wall with 3 Towers or LCRs all vertically oriented behind an AT screen would be best if you can do it.
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