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Double Stud Wall - how to move outlet?

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I'm Building a room within a room.
Q#1 - I need to move the electric socket which is now along the existing (soon to be outer) wall, and move it to the inner decoupled wall (closest to the inside of the HT) - How is this done? Do I need an electrician to extend it - or is there an easier/cheaper way?
Also- I'd like to have a plug for the projector which is not near an outlet - Monoprice said they don't sell in wall rated power cords - what do you suggest?

Also a basic !, but want to double check to be sure:
3 of the walls are foundation walls - so I just add a decoupled wall inside of that, insulating , but leaving the back open - and the foundation wall counts as the 2nd in the decoupled scheme
Q #2 is - one wall is coupled - and I can't redo that wall. So when I build inside of THIS coupled wall - do I (a) add insulation to coupled wall and do the same as above or (b) add TWO add'l walls - with these 2 walls creating the double stud wall. (see below)
Just want to check.


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C'mon man. I don't mean to be rude, but you are clogging up the forum. You have started 16 threads in the construction forum alone in the last 30 days all on the same topic and several asking the exact same question. Another member has already asked you to please consolidate and keep the questions within one thread. I politely ask you to do the same. I think you will find that people here are very helpful and knowledgeable, but please respect others' use of the space.

To answer your questions:
#1 - Electrical cords within the wall cavity are not allowed. You need to run Romex and add an outlet in the ceiling for your projector. I strongly suggest hiring an electrician if you are not experienced in these matters.

#2 - There is no need to build two walls in front of your coupled wall. Use your drawing in (a). I also suggest reading through the library of articles on soundproofingcompany.com. I think it will prove very helpful.
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I appreciate your help - thank you.

And to your concern. I have to admit getting excited over the project, However since your request I have been careful to avoid clogging up the forum. As you'll notice in the top 20 or so threads (i.e. what someone is going to see when he starts scrolling through the forum - there was only 1 of mine (now 2). I don't think there's a concern of how many threads are stored on the server - I'm seeing to it that my threads are not cluttering up the front page or 2 that people browse when coming to the forum - so in short I think I've respected that.

And of course - before asking the Q's I searched through the forum, and read the articles on soundproofingcompany.com

I apologize for adding thread #2 in the front page - just was scheduling for work to be done Wed. and after no answer after I week I added this. So please put things on context here, of how much of a bother this additional post really is.

In addition, I have taken effort in one of my posts to "give back" for the help I (was) receiving - and put together a full how to. Similar to the acoustic treatment thread - in order to save both the experts from being asked the same Q's over and over again. And of course, to help similar newbies. (I've also heard from others (PMs) stating how much time it takes to search on the forum, and then read through pages and pages of a thread to get to the bottom line on a Q - so I'd like to think I'm actually giving back in a significant way... even if I have 2 posts on the front page)
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