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Good Soundbar for 32" TV?

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I've just moved to a small flat and have an LG 32LH2000 32" TV with not that good sound. I'm looking for a soundbar that will fit neatly underneath it that we can use for the TV and also for our main music speakers in the flat via bluetooth.


I looked in Richer Sounds at the wknd and loved the LG NB4530 for its crisp sound, just under £300 price and thin, discrete size however I realised when I went home to measure up of course that it is way too long.


Can anyone suggest a device that is no longer than a meter, has a subwoofer and is thin? any other good recommendations?





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How thin? Most powered type sound bars are 4-5" deep. Not sure how prices relate to your country I' suggest one of the JVCs or Pioneer if you can afford it. Some of the passive speaker bars can be less than 2" deep but then you would need and amp and a sub which would most likely would put it over your budget.
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