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HDD DVR and HDCP problem

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When I connect my new TV to my cable box via HDMI for hi-def, my HDD DVR keeps getting an error about HDCP incompatible port. Any recommendations for hookup?
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Is your "HDD DVR" supplied by the cable company? If it is, you call them to resolve their issue. If not, what is it and how are you connected now going from the cable outlet on the wall. The more details you provide the more likely someone will be able to contribute meaningfully.
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Model number of TV would also be helpful, I believe some computer monitors with HDMI input may not support HDCP.

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It's a Magnavox HDD DVR......seems like there is no "handshake" between the DVR and any of the TV's hi-def ports. HDMI doesn't work, co-ax doesn't work, and Red/Green/Blue doesn't work. But connection of RCA cables (R/W/Y) out of DVR to tv seems to work. I don't really care about recording in hi def.....all I want to do is record my network shows so I can fast forward without suffering through those awful commercials.
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It is likely you have a defective box from your cable company....or the cable company has kicked out those inputs, which is bizarre, but known to happen.

You need to get your cable company involved asap.
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Originally Posted by LinR1947 View Post

It's a Magnavox HDD DVR.......
Are you talking about a Magnavox DVD Recorder?
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I would say it sounds like that.

To the OP, what outputs are you using from your STB to DVDR? and I take it you want to watch both your STB and DVDR via HDMI?

Some STBs will disable other outputs when using HDMI. You should be able to watch both your DVDR and STB via HDMI to your TV, not sure why you'd get the HDCP warning on your TV though...

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Originally Posted by jjeff View Post

I would say it sounds like that.
If it is then it belongs in the DVD Recorder forum where his problem has probably already been answered half a dozen times already.
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As requested, please provide the MAKE AND MODEL NUMBER of all of the devices we're discussing.

I'm afraid you've wasted a day getting information we could have supplied if given this information.

If that's not something you care to do, then I'm afraid I'm going to have to delete this thread.

We're only trying to help.

Make and model of the TV
make and movel of the DVR
Make and model of any other piece of equipment involved here.

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Wouldn't this be better suited for this sub-forum?;

At least you can see all the others with similar problems thanks to Hollywood's greed (among others).
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