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Advise on Paint Mix

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Calling Mississippi Man (and/or others)....


Could I please get a recommendation on a paint mix for my setup.  Nothing is purchased or built yet, just planning.


Screen Geometry: gently curved drywall 13' wide and 7'4" tall 180" dia. (16:9).

Projector: probably the BenQ w1070 or the short throw version.

Ambient light: dark room for movies, some lower level lighting for sports viewing. 


Based on the projector central calculator to get an image brightness of 12 fl I would need a 1.2 gain screen at a minimum.  I am thinking I need allot more fl for the sports viewing and 3D.


Here is a link to my room build page:



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Hello 4seahorseman,

First off I must ask why you want a curved screen? You have no "barreling" to correct for since your not using a anamorphic lens.

Secondly, the BenQ is underpowered for use in "any" 3D format at anywhere remotely the size your envisioning. When one is contemplating a build such as yours, no compromising on anything is going to work.

Your screen size is something to weigh in on, in relation to whatever PJ you can choose. We need to take a reasonable look at every parameter of your build as far as screen size, and gain, as well as seating distance as relates to known PJ performance envelopes. I noted you want to go BIG....more than the 150" diagonal you have been accustomed to. Frankly speaking, if the resolution you were viewing, the screen "presence", the viewing distance....all were deemed acceptable to you, your probably going to be fairly easy to please. But it's not in the nature of how we / I advise people to just make do because someone's expectations are lower than what we / I are accustomed to.

There are DIY mixes (...one in particular...) that can accomplish what you want done, but none have the honest-to-goodness 2.0+ gain you'd need to assure excellent 3D performance. And the application of such finishes will not be something you can just roll onto drywall. Your going to have to compensate by having adequate lumen output.

Let's look to some practical solutions and combinations that are known to work, and see if any are acceptable to you. Are you willing to do a little rethinking and adjustments?
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Absolutely I am open to suggestions.  I very much want to hear the opinion of those that know more about this than I do.  For reference I would say that my current setup is not acceptable to me.  If the room is completely dark it is still enjoyable to watch but I am after a much better experience. 

 I am open to spending a bit more on a projector but still need to keep it below 3K, really would prefer below 2K.  If the technology continues to improve I can upgrade the projector down the road, but the screen wall will likely stay constant.

 True I do not intend to use an A-lens. The curved screen was a response to needing to create a pocket behind the screen to either side of the viewing area for the tower speakers to live.  I have read that it will also help with brightness at the edges as the screen is angles more towards the source.  Plus I thought it would add to the immersive quality.  I am not sure if there is a good reason to not do the curve?  I am also willing to come down a bit on the size if that is necessary to find a good solution.


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With the right choice in a PJ as well as a DIY Screen, light uniformity across the screen, out to every corner / edge will be almost perfect.

A Curved screen's ONLY purpose these days is to correct aberrations in image proportions due to a A-Lens inaccuracies when correcting for Stretching. In the past when some PJs' light uniformity specs fell under 85%, yes,,,a curved screen could be compensation. Also, the Screen surfaces themselves could use some assistance. Nowadays, it's simply not needed. Aside from the reason given above, The only other possible reason to have a curved surface is strictly a cosmetic preference. Except in your case as you seem to feel the need for some space for the Speakers.

I can't make that decision for you, I can only state that there are more potential issues and costs involved than I feel there are benefits.

Going beyond that there is the choice of substrate. Drywall is just fine, but the finish must be virtually perfect. Your Screen size...anything beyond 140" diagonal, will require a minimum of 1.3 gain and be of a "High Contrast" nature, As such it will not suffer surface texture or blemishes of any type. If there is any doubt at all that such a "Level 5 Ultra Smooth Finish" can be accomplished, then the construction of a Frame and the use of a very smooth material such as Flexi-White should be considered as mandatory.

As for a PJ selection, I suggest the Panasonic AE8000u, a projector I personally have become a bit fixated upon, as it has a raft of great features, 2400 lumen output, 5000 hr Lamp life in Economy Mode, excellent OOTB Color, and a price as low as $2150.00 from some vendors.

Once some definitive decisions are made, then a decision as to what screen coating would be best suited to those decisions.
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I tend to do things the hard way if i think it is worth it in 'cool factor' but I will seriously take the suggestion to go to a stretched flat screen to heart. 


I will also look into other projectors including the Pany, my quick look at it sounds intriguing.  I am sure it is a much better projector but for more than 2x the cost it is not that significantly brighter than the Ben Q (2000 vs 2400 lumens).  Is it the better contrast that would make it a good choice for projecting on a larger screen?

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I think that I am about convinced to go with a flexi-white type flat screen with high gain paint.  I probably am not capable of producing a level 5 finish and I would rather put the money I would pay a good drywall finisher into a better projector.


I did some more research on the AE8000, that does sound like a great projector.   Plugging it into the projector central calculator with a 1.3 gain screen the fl is much higher.  I also like that this projector has memory and the ability to keep a constant height image when switching from 16:9 to 2.39.  If I understand that correctly I would build the screen at the 2.39 format, lets say 60" H x 144" L then be able to have it shift to a 16:9 format 60"H x 107"W image?  When I put those two screen sizes into the screen calculator for that projector I get vastly different throw distances so I am not sure how to plan around that type of projector.

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Awww...don't worry, it's simple enough. Just plan your throw distance around the parameters given for the 2.39:1 set up.

Based on your given info, the ideal setting would be: 16' throw

However realize that you want to place the top of the screen as high as possible so that your PJ's lens can also be as lose to the top of the screen as possible. This minimizes the degree of vertical Image adjustment needed by the Lens memory.

You'll love using the Panny, if you pull the trigger on it.

And you should pull the trigger NOW...because projector people is having a sale today...Black Friday...$200.00 off AND a $550.00 mail in Rebate...Free Pair of 3D Glasses...and if you move fast, a Free Panasonic Media Streaming Box. ( 1st 100 Buyers)

(... I just scored on one for a Customer at 2 am.... cool.gif )


I went to post this Deal on the AVS "Great Deals Found" Forum and saw that B&H Photo has a similar Promotion ....excluding the 3D Glasses and Media Player...that tops out the price after Mail-In Rebate at $1750.00 eek.gif

Looks like a better deal if one is solely looking for the PJ at lowest possible cost. However Projector people is a far more reliable place to buy as far as Returns and CS....

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Got it.  Thanks so much.  I am very excited about building around this great projector.


I am going to frame my walls to allow for the larger screen size but will still consider your recommendation to go a bit smaller.  I won't be building the actual screen for a while since the is much more basement finishing to do first.  I still need to get a paint recommendation though.

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My AE800 projector arrived today but I promised to wait until Christmas to open it!  I did cut off the UPC for the rebate and took a peek.


Do you have any opinion on the Seymor Glacier White 1.3 gain, non AT material?  They have it available for DYI at a pretty reasonable cost and I was considering that instead of the flexiwhite plus paint.


I am considering a constant screen height setup with black bars at the sides when watching 16:9 content and filling the screen for 2.39 content. Looking at a 2.39 aspect screen that is 60" H x 143" W (155" dia.) and using the lens zoom memory to display 16:9 content at 60" H x 107" W (122" dia.) The projector central calculator puts the throw for that size at 16'-6" with the 2.39 at 1.95x zoom and the 16:9 at 1.46x zoom. With a 1.3 gain screen the image brightness comes out at 18 flL.  I am not sure what mode they calculator is using, probably best or normal, so if I use dynamic for 3d maybe it will be bright enough?

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The Seymour GW isn't going to be any better than the Flexi-White at being a stand-alone application, and it absolutely will cost more, and be more difficult to mount. (it has virtually no stretch)

If you spend less and have the option to paint if your unhappy with your initial results, you'll be a lot happier having to do so than you will if you pay more and still feel the need to ramp up the equation.

Consider this carefully. 3D realism depends upon Contrast. It's the subtle variations between deep black and lighter shades that helps create as much depth as possible. While a White, higher gain screen will help combat the reduction in lumen output prevalent in 3D, it will do nothing to maintain or improve contrast.

On the other hand, a surface with gain that also will deepen Black levels is a best-case scenario.

Your choice here....choose wisely.
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MM, I am Luke and you are Yoda...we may get that ship out of the swamp yet! Sounds like spraying on the flexi-white is the best option. Could you recommend a paint mix I should use, I am guessing a version of the Silver Fire for my setup ?
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My Midi-chlorians are screaming Silver Fire v2.5 3.0

Good lord...I just noticed I'm rapidly approaching 14K posts. eek.gif

When you reach 14,000, look as good you will not!
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