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RTI Opinions

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Hi Guys,

I would like to count on you to receive some feedback about RTI automation control system, being specific, i live in Brazil and this brand is not so much known here, although i have read some interesting reviews about it. Im not an expert  in this issue and im not a tech guy, but have done my research.


My project will consist in controlling HT, AC, Lights (Living Room A/V and balcony A/V) and "structured cabling".One of the main concerns is to be hostage of the programmers to do simple things, like creating scenes, changing scenes, etc. thats why im looking for a friendly interface/device. I dont intend to expand the automation to the whole house so this is what i need.


Thats why i would like to ask....for this project RTI would fit? Any recomendations?


Obs. The place is quite big (at least for the standards in Brazil) (Living 30 x 16) and balcony (20 x 10).

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I am a long time RTI user and certified programmer

the program is proprietary so to some extent you will be hostage to the programmer, but the processor can be updated remotely by ethernet

The first step would be to contact authorized local dealer(s) and see what they quote you: and see what arrangements they can make to satisfy your concerns

there are also some DIY solutions such as iRule that are very good
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Thanks markrubin,

im talking to a local RTI dealer and i felt very confortable with the whole explanation, but as im not an expert in this issue, everything looks perfect. Im afraid of facing some deficiency of this choice after the deal.

Im also talking with a Crestron's dealer, but it thought it so more complicated (although more opened to creativity).

It is so dificult to compare diferent technologies.

I guess im inclined to go with a simple interface/infrastructure (RTI) then complete solution (Crestron). Of course the price counts, but im not attached to it, im more worried about the house's functioning in a daily-basis, and i guess RTI is a good (probably not the most complete, but also very good) solution for my project.

Should i have any attention on some specific issue with RTI? Im combining RTI with lutron for light automation.

Thanks again.

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what kind of remote or touchpad are you considering?

I use RTI and Lutron RR2 for lights and shades in my house: and Nest thermostats for HVAC: you don't necessarily have to do everything through the RTI system: for example you could use an iPad app for each: if you don't mind switching between apps...
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No problem about it,

I migh have also one in wall control, but my intention (if my kids let me, of course) is to control everything through my Ipad.

If im not wrong, i guess the RTI dealer controlled HT and lights (Lutron controller) with RTI app (not sure), better if i dont have to change apps, but its not a big issue if i have to.


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