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Oscillating/Flashing popups

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I've noticed a very annoying issue that's "popped up" over the past day or two.

Within a forum, while moving the mouse over thread titles (left-hand portion of the page) sometimes (like often) the popup that appears goes into a rapid oscillation/flashing on/off instead of simply coming on "solid". Moving the mouse over the right-hand portion of the page where the first few words of the most recent post are visible often does the same thing.

This happens on my notebook and my desktop computers, both run Win7-64 with Chrome.

Thread Title:

Most Recent Post:

I haven't been able to find any specific action that triggers this to occur. It seems that some threads/posts do it, and others don't. And it seems to make a difference where in the line of text the mouse is placed, the first several words may do it, the last several words may not. It seems that it may be more likely to occur nearer to the bottom of the page than at the top. It's crazy, but it's also very aggravating.

EDIT: I've just noticed that if the thread title or recent post text is near the bottom of the page AND the mouse is positioned TO THE LEFT of where the popup (or in the space in which the popup) appears THE OSCILLATION OCCURS. If the mouse is positioned to the RIGHT (the title/text must be long enough to allow this) of where popup appears, the oscillation does NOT occur.
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One other person was seeing that on a different forum. I know they were working on it yesterday, but I haven't heard when they expect a fix.



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I have noticed the same issue
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Originally Posted by markrubin View Post

I have noticed the same issue


The more people that see this, the sooner it should get fixed. It sure is aggravating... rolleyes.gif

BTW, I should count as THREE PEOPLE... because I access AVS on three different computers (all Win7-64 with Google Chrome) and I see it on all of them. AVS Dark Skin (if that makes a difference)...
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I see it on Firefox from more than one PC
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This issue appears to be pretty much fixed this morning. I say "pretty much" because if the tip of your mouse pointer happens to stop on the underline of the thread title or post text when you mouse-over it the oscillation will still occur. But this situation is much less likely to happen than what was going on before . . .
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it is better:

I noticed if you mouse over the unsubscribe popup star and then go to the thread link, the oscillation was more likely to happen: that part seems to be addressed
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