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My DaLite "Tensioned Contour Electrol 133" Cinema Vision" has developed a problem

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My DaLite "Tensioned Contour Electrol 133" Cinema Vision" has developed a problem. It was purchased and installed in January of 2012, so not quite 2 years old.

I've begun to notice that the screen has developed a series of horizontal bands from edge to edge. These are almost certainly caused from being rolled up for long periods of time, as the distance between these horizontal bands seems to be perfectly regular. I tried leaving the screen in the down position for 2 straight days, but it didn't help. Anything longer than that is dangerous with my kids running around. :-)

While watching a movie/TV, it is only apparent during light colored scenes...but every time one of those occurs, I'm immediately pulled out of whatever I'm watching and start noticing the horizontal lines again...

Has anyone ever experienced such a thing? Is there a remedy? I plan on contacting my dealer about this today, but I wanted to see if I was dealing with a common problem or not.

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I'm not sure how well these will convey the problem. I could add some annotations if it would help. (I'm not talking about the bottom corners...looks like my tab tensioning needs some attention)

Front view

Side view

Can anyone see what I'm talking about?

Actually, after the forum re-sizes these, it's just about impossble to see. I've uploaded the images here: http://imgur.com/a/TQrnY

If you go to the imgur site, and click the gear in the upper right corner of each image to view them full size, the problem is a bit easier to see...It's just very difficult to catch with a camera...

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Yes, I have this problem also and there's at least one thread somewhere here on this forum about several people experiencing it. I believe the general consensus was that it is coming from a breakdown of the screen backing material or some adhesive in the roller. I have a 10 year old DaLite tensioned Cosmo Electrol 106 HCCV that looks terrible now. From what I remember Da-Lite wasn't super helpful as far as offering to replace anything. I know I'm way too far out of warranty for them to care. But you may have an argument since yours is fairly new.

I'm just going to replace mine with a better Stewart screen.
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Here's the thread I mentioned with people having sticky screens with marks like mine. http://www.avsforum.com/t/707439/cleaning-a-da-lite

I also found another thread that looked like some folks were maybe having a slightly different issue with banding/ladder marks possibly from having an acoustically transparent drop added to their screen.
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Thank you for pointing that thread out to me. I've read it in it's entirety. It's interesting. I'm *not* having that problem at all. There is no sticky residue that is causing these horizontal lines. They are not caused by something foreign on the screen, they are caused by "dents" from being stored on the roller (more on that in a bit). However, that thread DID make me realize something else about my screen. All of the tab tension positions on both sides of my screen are oozing glue. In between two of the tension positions I can see a PERFECT outline of another tensioner which lefts its gluey impression when the screen was rolled up... YUCK! Fortunately, this stuff hasn't migrated onto the screen yet.

Back to the creases, or dents.

I did hear back from my dealer (they left a message, and I've yet to speak to them). They had contacted DaLite about my issue and this is what they had to say.

"Try applying heat to the effected area. It's safest to apply the head to the back of the screen, but it can be applied to the front as well. You should also consider leaving your screen in the down position more often."

This is pretty much unacceptable for a > $2000 screen that is only two years old...but anyway. I spent about a hour with my wife's blow-dryer. It works, but it is VERY tedious, and very hard to know when you've done it "enough"...Also, I have no clue how much heat I can apply before I destroy the screen...Very nerve wracking. I've also left the screen down for 3 days now. The results are in. To the naked eye, the ripples are gone...However, The lines ARE NOT GONE when watching a film. It's like this area of the screen now has a different (lower) reflectivity.

I'll be contacting the dealer again. It seems they want me to contact DaLite for any follow up, so I might end up doing that.

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