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What would the best possible subwoofer driver look like?

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If you could have your dream driver built, what would the specs be? I am talking about conventional drivers here, VC pushing a cone within a magnet, not exotic types like planars or plasma speakers. Also something you can put into a manageable cabinet, so we are talking 18", 21", maybe 24" woofers here, and nothing that you need a crane to build. Of course, you will want a nice beefy magnet, probably neodymium, but what other features would it have? Dual spiders? How many shorting rings, what configuration? Underhung, overhung? An XBL^2 type system? What would the cone be made of? Do you want to glue the surround on the cone or should it be stitched? How close to the top drivers of today come to the ideal, like the LMS Ultra, or the Aurasound NS18, or the Funk TSAD18v1?

I'm not asking just to fantasize, I am asking because I want to learn more about what makes drivers great, so please try not to throw out impossible schemes like the pole piece should be made of unobtainium or something fantastical like that. I am talking about like what if someone who was filthy rich wanted to make the best conventional subwoofer driver in the world, maybe an 18" or 21" and cost wasn't a consideration.
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If money was no object:


dual 15 inch opposed,

50 liter box total

10-100Hz @ 88dB @ 1W

1000W rms

xmax 35mm



If physics was no object:


dual ? inch opposed,

40 liter box total

1-100Hz  @ 95dB @ 1W

3000W rms

xmax ?

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I meant just the driver, not a whole subwoofer.
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Originally Posted by shadyJ View Post

I meant just the driver, not a whole subwoofer.
The driver must be considered WITH the box.

What works great in one box does not work as well in another.

So when you say "best"-best for what alignment?

It is like asking what is your idea car? Do you need to carry 6 kids around-or haul lumber-or do you want good gas mileage or 0-60mph or how about cornering -r or going in snow?

There are different needs-and one size does not fit all.

So FIRST you have to determine what is the specific need. Such as how large of a box and what sort of output level are your expecting. How low does it need to go?

Loudspeaker design is all about compromise-so you have to determine the intended goal first-not just "best".
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That's a good point Ivan. The sort of sub I have in mind is hi-fi home audio, something that will dig deep and stay clean and linear while doing so. Hopefully it has a decent amount of output too, but I guess linearity and low distortion are more important to me, because if I wanted more output, i could just add more. I suppose I am thinking about something that will work great in a basic sealed enclosure. Sort of like the kind of drivers I mentioned, the LMS Ultra, the Funk 18, and the Aurasound 18. What would be the perfect, least-compromised structure of a driver like those?
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Since you chose your compromise (SPL) then it is very easy to configure a driver:


qms 0,205

qts 0,2

fs 9hz

vas 100l

re 4ohms

Dd 18

xmax 30mm

P 5000W


in a sealed box of ANY size from 10 liters to IB.

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My dream subwoofer would be, to take the following components and merge them into a frankenwoofer:
RE-XXX basket
B&W 800 Carbon Fiber / Rohacell cone
LMS Ultra Coil (maybe a few more windings)
LMS motor with 3 more slugs added
Two of those, push-pull FI SMD style
28000watt Lab Gruppen Dolby-Lake PLM plate amp
Velodyne servo feedback controller
Dual-opposed, Krell MRS box

now... MAKE IT HAPPEN! biggrin.gif
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