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65vt60 image retention (Quite bad)

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This is my first plasma display and I was hesitant to buy one in the first place. I have an xbox one and my father in law didn't bother to ask me how to work it, but he managed to turn it on and leave it on the home screen. My entire home screen was retained but it seems to have mostly faded at this point. I'd like to think my screen has been broken in at this point, but playing a game that only lasts a few minutes is causing static images to be retained. Is this normal with todays panels? I'm running some slides, but I can't run them for hours straight yet because I have guests sleeping in that room mad.gif

I'm regretting this purchase at the moment, the fan noise should have forced me to return it. Too late now.
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Short-term image retention is par for the course when it comes to plasma panels. When I had a Panasonic plasma a couple years back, I found it was a bit high-maintenance—like a pet. I replaced it with a Vizio M-series and have not looked back since. However, the LED-lit LCD Vizio never reaches the profound levels of image quality that the plasma was capable of.

What you want to look out for is burn-in, which is different from image retention. Check out this article from CNET, it should alleviate some of your concerns. In a nutshell, don't even worry about running slides. Just play some regular TV content (but not cable news).

One good way to reduce fan noise is to put some kind of sound-absorbing material behind the TV.
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You shouldn't worry about it too much. Just watch some full screen content with no static logo and it should go away after awhile.

I played NBA 2K12 on my plasma almost everyday with the scoreboard on the screen. The IR stayed there for quite awhile. I thought I got burn-in but after awhile of watching full-screen content and movies, it went away.
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I hope it goes away, the only spot that is really bad at this point is the xbox logo. It's bright white against black when it's on the screen. After a week that part has not faded away yet. My guests are hopefully leaving in a day so I plan to just leave the tv on a movie channel or slides.
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Pick up the Disney WOW disc. It has a pixel flipper you can run that I found works better then anything else for removing IR.
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One thing I do is if the TV will be on for a while and I am coming an doing I usually flip it to HDMovie Net as they never have a logo that displays and I know I am getting nice even burn in. I do tend to run slides the first 20 hours or so if I can squeeze in the time.
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