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Bose Lifestyle 135 Series II - Alternatives?

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So in my younger days I was always excited to piece together my own systems and mess around with universal remotes and sound settings, etc... Today I have a wife and 2 kids and really don't have the time or desire to do all of that which led me to the Bose Lifestyle 135 Series II home entertainment system (Currently on sale for $2100).

Now, I understand and appreciate the opinion most on this forum share about Bose, but I think what led me to this system more than anything else was the simplicity of it all. Having said that here is what I want in my new home theater system:
[1] I want a 2.1 system, soundbar and sub, no more running wires for surround speakers and wireless setups need power for their rear/satellite speakers so that is out too.
[2] I want ease of setup with universal remote. I don't want to download remote software and program custom buttons and the like which I did with my old MX-800.
[3] I want it to sound good. I don't need my neighbors to hear it and my windows to shake, I just want decent room filling sound
[4] I want to be able to stream music and expand the system to other rooms wirelessly (Bose Soundtouch gives me this option, albeit an expensive one)

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
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No one?
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I think part of your lack of responses is because in a lot of ways it seems as if you have your mind made up on the Bose system. Most people here would probably try and steer you away from that but if your mind is set they aren't going to bother with sending you a futile response.

If you are open to other things then I think you have a real possibility of finding a good system for that amount of money.

#1 - A 2.1 system for simplicity may not be what most people on here prefer but it's something where you can still expect excellent advice.
#2 - A universal remote like a Harmony or the like is easily attainable without some of the headaches you mention.
#3 - This is where opinions will vary wildly... but your sticking to Bose makes people not even want to try and help.
#4 - This will take a little more doing but should still be possible within budget if you are willing to look away from Bose.

Try restating your request in the http://www.avsforum.com/f/90/receivers-amps-and-processors forum and approach it strictly from what you want without any mention of Bose. You'll get better help I'm sure.

Welcome to the forums!
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I appreciate the feedback. I am by no means married to Bose, that is the whole reason I am here. It just seems so simple and simple is important so I am very much open to other options that fit that bill.

The only other system I have seen that fits is the SONOS but it doesn't cover the receiver or universal remote aspect. I am sure there are newer and easier methods to achieve my goals than I what I put together last time (7-8 years ago).

I will try to repost under the other topic per your recommendation.

Thank you again.
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I would suggest that when you repost don't mention SONOS either... don't mention anything you looked at, considered, leaned towards... just say what you want/need and if people suggest what you've looked at then that's great, you will have some confirmation you were on the right track. If you mention specific gear in the opening post like this then you will limit some people from responding... Bose just probably makes more of them run away than others. smile.gif
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Got it. While we are on the topic, would you mind educating me a bit on the Sonos setup. If I go that route, my understanding is that all of the speakers are already 'powered' so the need for a receiver (in the traditional sense where the speakers connect to it) is not necessary? Is there a receiver type component then that provides the capabilities for all other components to plug into it without it actually being an amplifier?

Basically, people to use Sonos, what do they use in place of a 'reciever' to allow them to switch between, Blu-ray, TV, music, etc...?

Thanks again for your guidance.
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I can't comment on the Sonos specifically. I could google for information, but i'm assuming you are already doing that.

For powered speakers you are correct that you wouldn't need the amplifier part of a receiver. You may still have need of the processing and connectivity options of a receiver. You can either look for a receiver with pre-outs or you could look for a separate pre-processors (pre-pro) that is like a receiver without the amplifier portion. Be aware that if you go the route of pre-pro and amplifiers, (or "separates" as they are often called), that they may be more expensive than a receiver where you just don't use the amplifier and instead use the pre-outs.
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I did google and found some people use the receiver they had, a very few seem to be using some type of "switch" and many are connecting all their components directly to the TV which seems to be the way SONOS recommends it be set up. I just wanted to clarify what I NEEDED to have as far as a "receiver" goes. Your answer was very helpful, thank you.

I am somewhat skeptical of the loss of audio quality I may get if I had the soundbar connected directly to the TV as opposed to a receiver. Thoughts?
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