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Making an Audio Upgrade/Purchase, Need Advice

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First let me say sorry for making another one of these "which should I buy" threads...

A little background: I've been using the same over 10 year old Sony receiver and am finally looking to upgrade since I recently purchased a 65" Panasonic VT60. So, I've only been getting regular DTS or Dolby Digital through optical inputs and think it's finally time to spend the money and upgrade.

I had been thinking about separates but thought they cost too much. However, with Emotiva's sale for the UMC200 and UPA700 I've decided it's time to act and I'm considering getting those. I'm just looking for any advice and multiple points of view as to what would be best for me to buy.

I would say my budget is the cost of that Emotiva combo, so $800. I have a 5.1 setup at the moment consisting of JBL S310 II floor standing speakers, a JBL S-Center II, JBL S36 II for surrounds, and a 12" JBL Sub. I'll be plugging my cable box, Xbox One, and PS3 into the receiver or processor.

I've been trying to do research on other brands such as Onkyo, Yamaha, and Denon before the deadline this Thursday to decide if I'm going to go w/ the Emotiva combo, or get a receiver from one of those other companies. I've seen the Onkyo 727 is in my price range, as well as the Denon X2000. I was looking at Yamaha's website but they have so many different categories for their receivers and options it was hard to narrow their options down. I'm also considering Pioneer but have yet to look into the specifics of their different models.

So with my main priority being sound quality, and not really caring about the "extra features" like streaming or airplay etc. what would you recommend I get that falls within that $800 budget? The Emotiva combo, or a receiver from another company?

Thanks for the help
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First, let me say that your old receiver is definitely not all that good.

Upgrading will be easy, especially with your budget.

The Cambridge receivers are IMO far and away the best for very good sound quality, but...oops...the 551R is $1300. I guess we won't go there.

The Harman-Kardon AVR 2700 would seem to be the perfect fit for your budget and preferences. It is going for $720 right now at Amazon.

I think that it has the best sound quality by far that you can buy for that price, and the list of features is off-the chart. If there is any feature it doesn't have, I missed it...lol.

It should drive your speakers well; no problem there.

I guess my second choice would be the Denon AVR-2313CI. That is going for around $700 also.

Either one of those should be a huge improvement over what you have in every respect.

Yamaha, Sony, and Pioneer have all gone to harsh tinny-sounding Class D amps recently, and I would only wish them on my worst enemy.
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Thanks for the response, ill take a look at both that HK and that Denon instead of the X2000 when I get off work today.

And yes anything will for sure be better than what I have. I should have done this years ago, since I haven't been taking advantage of the audio capabilities of blu-ray
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The Denon X2000 features the more advanced version of Audyssey MultEQ XT and comes with a 3 year warranty while the 727 uses the lower version of Audyssey MultEQ and only has a 2 year warranty.
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Thanks, that's some good info comparing the two of those. Got about 48 hours before that Emotiva offer ends to decide what I'm going to do w/in my $800 budget. It's tough w/ so many options and different things out there to look at.
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Reading other threads here, I'm now considering 2012 model year receivers to be able to get more for my dollar as well. Doesn't appear to be really much difference in 2013 receivers vs the 2012 models.

Looking at the Marantz SR6007, the Denon listed above, the 2313CI, which I see is comparable to the X3000, and the Yamaha A1020, all which look like I can get under my $800 budget.

Any thoughts on these or any others I'm not considering and should be for under $800?
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Depends on whether you use Zone 2 and if yes, want to pass digital audio to Zone 2 as the newer 2013 models, 6008 and X3000 can do this now.
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