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Samsung TV PC Mode with Uverse 720p

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First off, since this is my first post I'd like to say that this forum has been very helpful over the
past few days with calibrating my TV and audio.  Please forgive me if this is in the wrong section.

Anyway, my question is regarding Samsung PC mode and why the settings are different when using Uverse set on 720p vs 1080i.

I have a Samsung FH6030 series TV. The Uverse is connected through a Sony AV receiver (not sure of the model right now).

Since both my PC, PS3, and the Uverse box are connected through the AV receiver and then to my TV, I have the TV set to PC mode to view the PC correctly. When I select the PC, my TV switches to PC mode, when I switch to Uverse, it switches PC mode off automatically. However when I use Uverse it must be setup to 1080i for this to work. If I have the Uverse setup to 720p the TV remains in PC mode.

Does anyone have a reason why this would be happening? For reference, the PS3 menu also keeps the TV in PC Mode but Bluray/Video Games switch PC mode off. Could this be a color (limited vs full) or an overscan issue? What exactly is Samsung's PC mode?

Its not really a big deal since I don't believe there are many major differences between 1080i and 720p with Uverse (I find they both look pretty bad at times compared to when I used to have DirecTV), but this just had me very curious. I tried searching and could not find any answers to this.

Thanks for your time.

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1080i content requires de-interlacing which would not be a part of any PC mode since PCs (typically) don't output interlaced video. However, progressive content would not trigger the same switch. It's a bit baffling why video games would switch PC mode off, unless you are outputting 1080i (check the setting on your PS3).

Almost all PC and video game modes bypass image processing such as noise reduction, frame interpolation, de-interlacing, etc. Anything that would cause a delay in getting the image up on screen.

What model Samsung is it?
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Thanks for the reply.  Model number of the TV is UN55EH6000F.  And I mispoke earlier.  Video Games do not switch PC mode off, neither do DVD's.  Now I'm willing to bet your suggestion is accurate.


I also threw in a Blu Ray and it does switch PC mode off.  I'm guessing because the frame rate is different.


I haven't spent much time searching this forum yet, but do you recommend I turn PC mode off when using the PC? I've noticed when I do that the brightness and contrast settings are very different from when they were calibrated using the Disney WoW disc through the PS3.  Maybe I can find a way to control those settings from the PC to ensure each input is calibrated correctly.  I'm sure this has been discussed hundreds of times here so I will start looking in the mean time.

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