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Electrostats behind false wall with AT Screen

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So I've asked this in some Martin Logan Threads, but it seems like the vast majority there are mostly audio guys and haven't got false walls, or know much about their construction sound absorbtion and treatment on back front walls.

Bare with me as I'm not engineer.

My Martin logans are 55" high panel wise which will fit perfectly behind my 2.35 screen height and width wise. False wall is slated to be 24" I'm cutting close with what ML suggests for off back wall distance and I'll have the same appropriate distance from the sides.

My question is I was going to use Linacoustic for that back wall behind the screen. Trying to understand how these electrostats are essentially a bipolar speaker creating sound from both front firing and reflection of some sort from behind them, does this change how I handle things in the room?

As a sidenote question. The stage might only be 10" high, but I'll have to build stands or risers of some sort for them. I don't ming using sand for the stage, but they won't actually be ON the stage. I'm having trouble trying to understand what to do with the LCR. And even the subs. My heights is sadly 7'6"., and I'm trying to come up with a room design with a minimal or no bulkhead up front. Very tight restricted space obviously. So basically I need to get the speakers up into the area behind the AT screen.

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I've got my ML's out in front of the screen with no treatments behind them on the screen wall. I don't think you'd want to crowd them or do massive absorption behind them...

If I had built my theater with an AT / false wall arrangement, I wouldn't have used the ESL line for those speakers. That's a lot of speaker to put into conditions it wasn't really designed for, IMO. You might try asking over at the MartinLoganOwners forum to see what that gang thinks about it. I'd be curious, too.

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The bipolar design means you can't treat the front wall.

And then the problem is how do you deal with the reflected energy coming off the back side of the AT screen?
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Tedd, this is part of what I'm wondering.

This is the screen I'll be using. It's an Elunevision Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K - 1.15 Gain White Material. The properties of this screen are well documented in a link below. There are some extensions to more detailed information in that link in the txt as well.


This is far outside my scope of knowledge so I'm workdering what I would expect to experience negatively and if there is anything that can be done to rectify.
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As an addition.. this is really all that comes from the ML site that makes some reference to this.

Another key attribute of the ElectroMotion ESL is its naturally dipolar radiation pattern. A true dipole, The EM-ESL radiates sound with equal intensity from the front and back of its diaphragm, but the outputs are in opposite phase. As a result, sound waves rippling out toward the sides meet at the speaker's edge and cancel. That and the relatively large size of the ElectroMotion ESL's electrostatic panel cause output at the sides to be very low relative to that of a conventional loudspeaker, which in turn minimizes side-wall reflections that tend to muddle sonic detail and stereo imaging. While the reduction in output to the sides contributes to the astonishing clarity for which electrostats are revered, the energy reflected off the wall behind the speaker opens up and deepens the sound.
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It's outside my scope of knowledge, although knowing how an AT screen works, and how an electrostatic speaker works,
I suspect this would be a mismatch of gear situation.

As for well documented, my marketing speaker radar is up, with that minimum 1" distance jumping out. One inch might "fine" but
then timbre shifting would be "fine" too.

pm sent...
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