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Sony 12XXs poor light output

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Hi All,

just a general question that I'm sure has been covered a million times before (although I search and couldn't find a specific answer).

I have owned three Sony 12xx's now and have finally settled on a low hour 1272 (700 hours at present).

I have gone through the moneyass setup guide cover to cover and am basically happy with the setup. Everything is calibrated, it's at the prescribed distance.. the G2 controls are correct etc .

The one thing that has bugged is how dark the picture is. I find it distracting when I have to squint to see shadow detail. I have messed with the bias/gain at length and ultimately have come to the conclusion that the light output is just not that crash hot.

What are other people's experiences? Given these are well and truly end of life I was thinking of cranking the G2s way up to see if I can get a better picture. Any thoughts?
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I think it may be time to find a G70.

I loved my 12xx's though... They are good...

At some point I helped the preacher at the local church to try to find a under $500 pj. We got an Epson that was open box during a 30% off open box item sale so it was like $320. I'm so impressed with that pj. I'm thinking my next Pj will be Epson. You could snag one of those and have a lot of brighness to spare. They use it in the church during full daylight ... that think is crazy bright and looks pretty good.
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lemme guess, your projecting onto a white bed-sheet in your garage smile.gif............ just kidding,

You didn't say whether you have an issue with peak white, like the really bright outdoor scenes seem dim, or just shadow detail, they're 2 different things.
What's your screen material and screen size? It's critical for CRT. For really punchy bright scenes, , you want a 1.3 gain, and IMO 80' wide horizontal max for an older ES focusing set. To squeeze a little more out of it, Dalite high power fabric is the only high gain material that works with CRT.
If it's just dark scenes and shadow detail, you need some sort of gamma boost, HD fury makes an in-line dongle for RGBHV souces
if your using component video and transcoding that to RGB , then a rtc 2200

other choices also available on curt's forum, tell us your source material and we'll make suggestions.
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Good response.
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Hey guys, Thanks for the considered responses

On further reflection the bright parts of the picture are actually pretty good to great. Anything outdoors looks fabulous it's just the shadows that are distractingly dark. A gamma boost is almost certainly what I need. The problem here is that I'm a running a Bluray player over HDMI into a first gen moome card and the hardware dongles seem to only support VGA. Reverting to a HTPC which has gamma controls in software seems like the way to go. Is anyone else here still using a moome card on one of these chassis.. what are you doing to manage gamma?
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Originally Posted by jordanius View Post

Is anyone else here still using a moome card on one of these chassis.. what are you doing to manage gamma?
using a newer Moome card smile.gif Every moome card after the first gen DVI card (and a very small handful of the first HDMI where it was optional) incorporated Gamma boost. Although it's not as precise as what you can do with a dedicated video processor (and presumably HTPC?) , it does the job. Also, every batch of cards was better than the last, although I'm not sure how much of all that extra processing power can be full utilized by a 12XX?
The latest one with HDMI 1.4 will set you back about 3 bones , but if you should stumble across a G70 or G90 down the road the card will swap over directly
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sorry to share the disappointing news but the Sony 12xx series were never that bright to begin with.
I used one for many years, even replaced the tubes and still was never able to get a bright enough image to satisfy me.
I went the black room track, blocked windows, no lights etc and it was ok but a pain to safely nav the room when completely black.

I eventually upgraded to a NEC XG series and much better, but now I need to upgrade again for full 1080P and 3d ability.

I'm currently looking at "low end" dlp and lcd projectors in the $1500 range (optoma hd25e and Epson 3020). The store gives me 30 days to evaluate. so I may keep the new tech or not.

I may have the NEC up for sale if the evaluation works out for me, or may not. Also If you need a spare sony 12xx w/ new tubes, < 500 hrs let me know.
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