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Panasonic settings question

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Hi guys, I'm a little confused on one of the settings and how it affects the picture. I'm coming from the CRT RPTV world where you have contrast and brightness to set black & white levels. Now there seems to be a new setting in the mix and no matter where I search (here, Google, etc.) I can't find any info on this. The "Panel Brightness" setting. What does it do and how does it interact with or affect black levels? I've heard of that setting name (or something similar before) for LCD's to control the backlighting brightness but plasma doesn't use a backlight so you can see my confusion. I notice the default Cinema mode of the VT60 for instance is set to "low", but CNET and some other places set it to "mid" instead and the default THX Movie mode seems to be set on Mid but I can't verify since it doesn't show up in the menus under that setting (but the settings menus seem brighter even though contrast is lower than Cinema + low).
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Mid is the recommended setting in almost all cases, it effects the top end of the max light output for each of the picture modes. Chad B found that low compromised black levels on the VT60. High panel brightness causes other problems.
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Does the st60 have a thx setting/mode at all?
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No but cinema is pretty close color temp wise out of the box
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Didn't think so! Thanks Chunon!
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Thanks guys, I did just manage to finally find a website talking about it in the UK version of the xT6x series TV's. They had the same conclusion about low and blacks. Their meter actually read LIGHTER blacks when it was set to low (which seems odd but that's what they said happened). Do you happen to have a link to the post from Chad? I'd like to read it if I could. I thought maybe I'd be throwing things off by setting to mid but it sounds like that's not the case smile.gif
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