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A/V Media Center in Wicker Basket??

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Hello Folks


I have been contemplating some ideas on "hiding" my A/V equipment so that I just have my wall-mounted TV and front towers (contemplating a center speaker and figure I can place that on a small shelf directly below the wall-mounted tv)


The plan is to drill a hole behind the tv, wire all the cables from the tv to the bottom where the wall meets the floor, then route them along the bottom to ...


(Initially I wanted to place all my components in a closet.  But taking into consideration thermal management, I'm not sure how I could make that work without having a hole in the closet door, or, some sort of refrigerated/water-cooled cooling system - beyond my simple mind).


A wicker basket?

Like this?



Would that allow for proper cooling since the wicker basket has a bunch of tiny holes?

Would cutting out  additional slots in the bottom front suffice?  Maybe a fan on the lid to push hot air out?  Additionally I was contemplating even removing (cutting out) the back panel of the wicker basket and placing it a few inches from the wall (so one couldn't tell it was removed).  Might also make it easier to route power strips out and their associated cables out/ plus accessing the back of the components.

I sketched something up





Components are:


HTPC (which runs VERY hot)

2 External Drives

2 routers

2 power strips (contemplating not putting these in the basket to reduce unnecessary heat - maybe place them in the closet next to where I plan on putting the basket?)



Shows my closet  - yellow

And where I would place the basket - red




Other picture shows total components as they currently sit (routers in blue and power strips in yellow).  Even sitting out, if left running, the HTPC will overheat and turn off.






Would a wicker basket be a proper cooling housing unit?  Or should I try the chimney effect and seal the wicker basket from within to better funnel air through it?  


My summers get hot and temps easily hit the mid to high 90's inside so I'm concerned for the longevity of my media devices.  I don't have central A/C and though I have a portable A/C unit, it can be a struggle cooling the apartment in general (or even making bearable).  

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Some first official post I know ... :o

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So...you have an HTPC that sits out in the open and gets so hot that it goes into thermal shutdown and you want to stick it in a wicker basket? You should get yourself one of these first
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Haha. It happens when I leave the cover on (its design allows for very poor ventilation - I will drill holes throughout the case & cover to remedy that). Being in between the receiver & ext HD surely didn't help

But this IS also why I am asking if a wicker basket is feasible ;-)
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I was having a laugh earlier but seriously, I would be really concerned about the amount of heat that would be generated by all that equipment in such a tight enclosure. The closet would be a much better option. I have a media server running 24/7 in my closet and even with the old lady's crap surrounding it, I can put my hand over the exhaust fans and feel cool air coming out at any time. You could build a couple of shelves on the cheap and separate your devices enough to give proper airflow around them.
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Hmm, I actually prefer the closet idea over the basket. Was just concerned over how to ventilate it. It would mean a receiver, 2 ext HDs, 2 power strips, routers, and an htpc. Wouldn't that generate excessive heat in a 8x4x2.5 ft enclosed closet space?
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