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Lancaster, PA OTA HDTV options

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Hello everyone, I just purchased an HDTV. I have local basic cable, and they are telling me that I need to spend an additional $11/ month for a box that will allow me to get HDTV. Right now the cable picture is worse than my old projection TV. I am seriously considering ditching cable for OTA only plus Netflix/ Hulu etc. Here are my questions:


Can I go to Best Buy and purchase the best antenna I can get (see link below) or is it worth my time to get in touch with a local professional (which I can't seem to find).


My house is located about 10 miles north of Lancaster City, in one of the highest local elevations. I have a one story house with gable ends. I would prefer to put the antenna in the attic but can go outside if it makes a huge difference.


Thanks in advance.



http://www.bestbuy.com/site/clearstream-digital-tv-antenna/9151687.p;jsessionid=B97CDC241E9DD75C35126781C8AD1F1F.bbolsp-app03-176?id=1218037434269&skuId=9151687&st=TV antenna&cp=1&lp=1  or is it

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Go to www.tvfool.com and run a report under “check your address for free TV” and post a link to the report. Be sure to enter your estimated height above ground level. Your address will net be visible on the report.
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Here is the link for 10' height, assuming it would go in my attic.





Here is the link for 20' height, assuming I mount it at or above my roof line.



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I should also mention that the previous owner had installed an antenna in the attic. It looks very basic/cheap. Looks like a simple "X" and that is it. No name or specs on it. When I connect to it I get 8.1 (NBC) and 8.2, that's all. I can't really tell if it is pointed in the right direction because of the X shape.

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Make sure you switch your TV set off of the CABLE setting to the ANTENNA setting and re-run your channel scan.

Your local stations to the west are relatively easy to pick up. If they are what you want, then a ClearStream 2V from Best Buy, not the ClearStream 4, would be suggested if you want to pick up an antenna at a store.

How big is the "X" and how is it put together? Sounds more like it might be an FM or VHF turnstile antenna
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Thank you for the advice. I wouldn't mind pulling ABC 6 from the East. Would I need an HD stacker antenna for this? I might grab the one from best buy and give it a shot since I already have cable up in my attic.

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I purchased the antenna from best buy. I hooked it up in my living room for a test run and it worked fine. I then set it up in my attic where a FM antenna was and now it doesn't even pull one channel. The only thing I can figure out is that I need a signal amplifier. Any advice?

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Bad Cable?

If you have a small TV take it to the attic and use the same cable you tested the antenna with in the living room and see if it works.
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I have a cable that runs from the wall jack. From there another cable goes up directly to the antenna. There was an old FM antenna up there, and when I plugged into it at the wall I got one TV channel. All I did was swap the antenna so I figured it should work. I do have it pointed in the right direction as well. Checked it with a compass.

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Probably a defective cable or there's something in there that is specific to FM signals only. Connect a temporary coax from the antenna to the TV set and test.

What specific antenna did you get (your link is no good).

Metal roof? Radiant barrier? Exterior siding that the signal must pass through?

Your signals are already "strong", an amp won't fix other faults.
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Ok Thank you. I got the clearstream 2V. I'll test it with a different cable before I do anything else. It worked fine in my living room so I would imagine it should work in the attic. I do not have a metal roof or anything like that.

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Be patient looking for a final antenna location. Antennas in attics rarely obey owner's wishes, they need to be wherever they need to be and you have to find that spot.
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Update: I did switch out one of the cables in the attic and that seemed to help. I got 1-3 of the local channels, but one of them was pretty weak. Remember I got 3-4 (plus the alternates) with the antenna in my living room. However I did happen to think of something. There is 4 inches of snow and some ice on my roof.......I hooked up my TV to the old FM antenna in my living room and I got NBC, FOX, CW and their alternates. When the weather clears I may consider putting it on my roof or testing some other locations in the attic in case there is a sweet spot.

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