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3d viewing on 130" 2.35 screen with benq

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Hi I was just wondering if any one might have an idea on how many fl are needed to view 3d on a 130" 1 gain screen. I was originally going with a w7000 then I realised that I would need a shorter throw projector to use the xbox one (kinect will cast shadows) that my son is buying so now im thinking the w1500. Ive been reading a bunch of reviews and have now royally confused myself. Is the w7000 or w1500 bright enough to light up a 130" 2.35 1.0 gain screen in 3d? I know there are a lot of variable s involved with that question but I have a light controlled room with white ceiling but dark walls and floor. I wanted to go 130" so I would have at least a 100 " image in 16:9 but I guess if I have to go 120" 2.35 I could survive.

Any suggestions?
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I guess my first question would be about why you want to go 2.35 with a projector that doesn't allow you to zoom back and forth between 16:9 and 2.35 resolutions. Do you have an anamorphic lens?

Either way, generally I've heard that about 30+ lumens per square foot is recommended for 3D viewing content, preferably a bit higher as at least 50% of light will be cut with 3D.

Without a properly treated light space, then perhaps more would be good.

With a 120" 16:9 screen, you would have about 30 lumens on screen if you went with a minimal gain (1.4 gain) screen. This would provide enough light for 3D gaming, and could be adjusted downward if necessary.
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No anamorphic lens I will be manually changing it every time smile.gif no budget for a lens or power lense memory. I love watching 2.35 movies and thats the main reason I want a projector.
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I would expect the projectors to be plenty bright enough, but I would definitely go after a minimal gain screen to improve the pop for 3D viewing.
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Thinking about it and I think ive changed my mind I might fo 120" 16:9. That gives me a 106" 2.35 screen. But my seating area is only 12' away is that over k Ill? Btw the reason I wasnt going 16:9 whats my ceiling height it s only 8ft
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I use a 161" screen with 8' ceilings. If your wall is wide enough to support 2.35 and it really makes sense, then that works, but at a 12' viewing distance 'dead center' of theater asks for a 110" screen. So, a bit larger, 120" is very acceptable.

You can always add a masking system to the screen to frame it down to 2.35 if you don't like the white above/below the projected area.
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wow what projector do you use? Can you still watch 3D or is it to dim on that big of a screen?
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I am using the W1070 in low lamp mode with a 1.3 gain Draper tab-tensioned motorized screen.

I have NOT tried 3D with it at this point, but the image is bright and vibrant (IMO) on screen in my very poor space. I use it in an unfinished basement with insulation on the walls covered with aluminum foil. Yeah, very poor space! But, it still looks good despite the environment. I may get some black cloth to cover things up, but may just put up drywall.
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